VW Hose Clip - What type are they? - psi
Hi just a quickie before I drive around in rush hour M25, anyone know what type of hose clip VAG use on the '96(N) Passat 2.0l, both my Passats have the same awkward hose clip, that connects the rigid PCV hose to the flexible hose to air intake / cam cover.

I can best describe it as a round, flat steel clip which is fastened by "hooking" the outside over a series of "ridges" on the inside. It was a sod to get off and I am losing the will to live trying to fasten it, any ideas what tool I need or should I cut my losses and go and buy a jubilee clip to replace it!

VW Hose Clip - What type are they? - Simon
I would thought that a decent (big) pair of water pump pliers would carefully squeeze the clip up tight ridge by ridge. As long as you are careful and steady it should work okay. Other than that, go and buy a jubilee clip, it will do exactly the same job.
VW Hose Clip - What type are they? - turbo11
Whenever I do any work on my wifes polo,I replace the Vw clips with jubilee clips.Always worth having a few jubilee clips of various sizes in you tool kit.
VW Hose Clip - What type are they? - GregSwain
I replaced a few Nissan clips with jubilee clips - the OE ones rust together over a couple of years, and they're impossible to remove without half a can of WD40, or sometimes a hacksaw. Jubilee clips are a far better design IMO, and so much easier to remove when the need arises.

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