Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - Roly93
We have a 53 plate Focus Zetec, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen the following strange electrical annomaly, ie when the engine is running with the lights on, if you blip the throttle, as the engine settles down to idle, all of the light flicker briefly and then settle back to steady again. I think this has always been the case, but I was wondering if this is a normal annomaly of this model ?

Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - nick62
Sounds like an intermittent bad connection that only "happens" when the harmonics of the car are at a particular frequency, i.e. when you blip the throttle.

I would check-out all the earth connections under the bonnet (and elsewhere), there are several on modern cars.

I might, of course be totally wrong, but I'd still check it out.
Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - Adam {P}
Mine did this.

It was the battery on it's way out. (The battery lasted another 2 years though)
Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - yorkiebar
sounds like alternator or battery problem

worth getting it checked
Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - John S
Might be nothing more than the electronics of the alternator regulator switching as the output drops down.

Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - Zoidberg
I agree with John S.

Our 04 plate Foci has done it from new - does 500 miles a week and not had a problem. I wouldn't worry, personally.
Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - psi
my focus flickers as well, noticable at traffic lights. did it with the original bulbs and my new philips jobbies.
Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - Dry bearings
Years ago that would have been the voltage regulator points sticking.Things are probably different these days.
Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - elekie&a/c doctor
Nothing to worry about.The Focus has a "smart "alternator/charging sysytem that is controlled by the engine management control unit.This maintains a more accurate charge to the battery dependant on electrical load and engine speed.Lots of other cars use this system now.
Ford Focus Electrical Annomaly - Roly93
Thanks for the replies...

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