cv joint / driveshaft Audi A4 - jimmy464
I have just replaced the drivers side cv joint on my Audi A4, everything seems to be o.k. But there is about 0.25" of end float in the driveshaft at the cv joint end, there doesn't seem to be any on the passenger side. I definately put the spacer and the washer in, because i double checked this. Does anyone know if this is the correct amount of end float?


cv joint / driveshaft Audi A4 - Aprilia
There has to be a certain amount of longitudinal movement "plunge" in the driveshaft because as the suspension moves up and down the distance between the inner and outer joints changes. Plunge enables full droop and compression of the suspension without damageing the cv joints.
cv joint / driveshaft Audi A4 - jimmy464
does 0.25" seem ok. do you think that the otherside is maybe a little seized etc, i just want to make sure as I don't want the drive shaft to pop out
cv joint / driveshaft Audi A4 - Number_Cruncher
I don't know anything about A4's, so take my post with scepticism;

More commonly the inner joint is the only one which has any plunge. The shaft is usually clipped in place into the outer CV joint, and you usually can't feel free end float - so, something sounds wrong to me. How is the shaft fixed in the outer CV joint (if at all)? Typically there is a circlip, or snap ring - it sounds like this hasn't engaged, and you can slide the shaft, using the designed in plunge at one end and moving along the splines, which probably isn't the design intent.

Usually, one end or the other is fixed - more commonly, the inner plunges, while the outer is fixed.

cv joint / driveshaft Audi A4 - Aprilia
Its not clear from the first post exactly what the situation is. But NC is essentially correct. The shaft should not move (more than a very small amount) in the outer, but should move in the inner. If you can undo the bottom balljoint you could pull the hub clear and feel the movement in inner and outer joints. As to the exact amount required, I don't know - that would probably be in the factory manual.

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