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I'm seriously thinking of buying myself a new VW Transporter van (via the company of course). They "look the part" and have the added advantages of being fully VAT recoverable whilst still having six seats, five doors and a LOADS of space. Plus the personal tax benefit is still much cheaper than a company car, (even though Gordon is hiking this from £500 to £3,000 per year).

It also has the added benefit of being able to take all the kids stuff (pushbikes, etc,) without having to remove wheels (from the pushbikes!!!) or use roof racks or boot racks. Oh and I nearly forgot, if I remove the rear seats I can get BOTH my motorbikes to a trackday without having to hire a van!

The top of the range has a 174 HP 2.5, 5 cylinder TDI motor with 400 lb ft of torque and if driven sensibily will do more than 40 MPG. Although I'll probably go for the same engine with 130 HP but with the Tiptronic gearbox (Tiptronic not available on the 174 HP version). Also has air-con, full electric windows/mirrors, leather seats, etc,etc

Any thoughts from people thinking along the same lines or from anyone wha has actually gone down this route?

I've still not convinced the boss (read wife) that this is a good idea, but I'm working on it.

Replies on a postcard please.

Panel van with "car-like" specification - Altea Ego
Done a fair few mile sin a T5 short wheelbase configuration, its very comfy.
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Panel van with "car-like" specification - adverse camber
I have been giving consideration to this myself. picking up a used T4 (ex-AA perhaps?) and using it to tour europe with the kids & dogs.

There is a forum

My brother runs a T4 for work and loves it, or at least says its pretty good. solid reliable reasonable economy etc.

Wide variety of specs available - worth doing some research into wxactly what you want. used aa ones from auction in newport or from a specialist dealer beeston brothers seem to come highly recommended.

Panel van with "car-like" specification - Dave N
You can get a Vito with the traveliner package, 3.2 V6 diesel and auto.
Panel van with "car-like" specification - nick62
Yes, the Vito is a nice van and I have looked at them, but the VW Transporter has the edge IMHO and (arguably) better diesel engines.
Panel van with "car-like" specification - Martin Devon
You can get a Vito with the traveliner package, 3.2 V6
diesel and auto.

I can only find a V6 PETROL!

Panel van with "car-like" specification - Gromit {P}
The Vito bus - or at least the only one I've travelled in - has three seats up front but, because the passenger seats seemed narrow. The seat nearest the door was uncomfortable, with too little space in the footwell.
Panel van with "car-like" specification - matstro
check out the Vivaro/ Traffic/ Primastar - all basically the same van. Vivaro has the 2.5 engine as well as the 1.9. Everyone who has one raves about their car like drive. Myself, I test drove two and each made me feel car sick! The Vito keeps breaking doesn't it?
Panel van with "car-like" specification - Hugo {P}
I can vouch for the Primastar. I've had mine 2 years now and am very pleased with it.

You can get them with a load of creature comforts and mine has the 6 speed gearbox.

Unless you particularly need the LWB version I would go for the SWB.
Panel van with "car-like" specification - Dave N
More on the the V6 diesel Vito at
Panel van with "car-like" specification - nick62
"The Vito keeps breaking doesn't it?"

Please tell me more!

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