renault clio idling problem/cutting out - lealeanne
my daughters yreg clio 1.2 16v has done 30k and has a weird intermittent problem - it sometimes cuts out when slowing down at lights etc.there is an orange light comes on(electronic fault) and the car idling speeds up and slows down of its own also nearly stalls and if it does it wont start again for a while.this only happens when the light appears otherwise the car runs has happened 4 times in the last 2 weeks.we have had a diagnostic computer check done but the light wasnt on at the time and the garage couldnt find anything wrong.if the light appears can it be sorted by dipping the clutch and revving the engine?? my daughter needs her car for getting to work and is worried she will break down all together.any suggestions of help would be appreciated.btw the car is fully serviced and looked after.we are going to get the timing belt done as it is 5years old.
renault clio idling problem/cutting out - David G.I.Davies
The metal 'security cover' of the engine ECU can rub through the insulation of the wires it is supposed to protect and cause intermittent problems of the sort you are experiencing.
David Davies
renault clio idling problem/cutting out - lealeanne
we took the car to a garage today to get checked again and they think it is the air/idle control valve that will need cleaned out with carb cleaner.we mentioned the cover and they are going to check that also.the cover appears to be loose and could well be contributing to the problem, so thanks for your suggestion.

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