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Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - perleman
Mr Clutch seems to be £150 cheaper to change my friends' VR6 clutch than a well known specialist, at only £290 - seems cheap. Does anyone have any experience of this company to share or is there any obvious reason why it is so much cheaper? I'm not asking for naming & shaming btw.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - DP
All three of the people who I know have used them have had problems, but that was all at one branch. I suspect they are a franchise operation, so it's going to come down to the quality of the individual franchise staff and management.

Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Stuartli
Any franchise organisation is only as good as the capability and experience of the staff at any particular branch - a good experience at one branch doesn't necessarily mean the same at another.

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Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Stuartli
I'm typing - you're posting...:-)

Actually I was checking that Mr Clutch is, indeed, a franchise operation.
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What\'s for you won\'t pass you by
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - GregSwain
Franchise or no franchise, it still comes down to individual branches and the management/staff. All the horror stories you hear about one particular fast-fit chain which isn't a franchise, yet my recent experience with them has been excellent.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Blue {P}
I will personally never darken the door of my local branch ever again, they were cheap for the clutch, but believe me I regretted it!

Other branches may be fine of course!


{location removed and generalised - DD}
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - MisterH
I'm with Blue. My local branch took me for a ride (figuratively !!) and I shall continue to drive passed them every day, vowing never to return.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Roly93
Can someone attempt to detail what the problems were ??
Maybe they are bad, but just saying they're bad without the reasons isn't really good enough for the forum I think.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - DP
Clutch cable routed incorrectly (mk3 Cavalier) snapped twice before it was corrected, and gear linkage left so far out of adjustment that you couldn't get fifth.

Release bearing squealed from day 1 (Metro) and owner was fobbed off (it'll settle down). Never did, and ended up paying a main dealer to do the job. When they stripped the old clutch, the mechanic reckoned none of the components looked "new".

Bellhousing bolts and level plug missing from gearbox (Sierra).

All this was one franchise though in my old home town. I suspect they're not all as bad.


Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Galaxy
I think just the name would be enough to put me off.

I mean, Mr. Clutch, it sounds like something out of the Simpsons, doesn't it?!!!

Who did Homer become, Mr Plough, I believe, doesn't sound like there's very much difference.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Vansboy
They fit a high proprtion of their own label, re-manufactured product - as opposed to your local repairer using either his own choice 0- or just whatever the parts factor supplies!

Luk have a strong identity among independents. Find one of these, that is keen to put up Luk signage & at least he'll be fitting a known product throughout!

Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - none
Mr. Clutch - the price quoted is for fitting refurbished parts. If a problem arises with the 'new clutch' they will offer to replace it with an unused clutch at extra cost.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Waino
I wonder how these chaps would get on with the associated fiddley bits to changing a clutch. For example, I'm told that clutch replacement on a Mondeo is pretty tricky as access is not straightforward and the wheels have to be re-aligned etc.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Harmattan
My experience with one of these franchises was some years ago but the above comments sound very familiar. The words 'barge' and 'pole' spring to mind.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - RichardW
Generally cars that need new clutches are being run on a budget, and Mr Clutch fills a market spot in this respect by offering a service at a low cost. Your independant on the other hand keeps going by having a reputation for doing a thorough honest job, and his rates reflect this. I would argue that a VR6 is not really a budget car, nor run of the mill for fast fit outfits. I would think the £150 is well spent for knowing you got a good job with some comeback, with quality parts fitted.

All the maxims apply: you don't get something for nothing; if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is; you pay your money, you take yoour chance....

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Number_Cruncher
Having seen and having rectified the results of some examples of their workmanship and quality, I would only recommend this type of outfit to people I really didn't like.

Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - barney100
Same sort of thing as these cheap engine places, it looks good in the advert but the reality is good money down the drain. I had a ''new'' engine in an old volvo 240 and ended up getting rid very quickly. Fluid leaks, electrics all over the place and they didn't want to know.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - kennybase
OK - well I'm going to put a glowing report for Mr Clutch (Shoreham, East Sussex)

The clutch went on my car one night whilst out and about, and next morning, called them up, had the car towed to them, and they repaired it by the afternoon even though they had quite a few other cars there too. They were about £100 cheaper than every where else too.

The guy who towed me to them was also full of praise for them, and even in awe to the head guy there as he has a reputation of running a very tight ship.

Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - paulb {P}
OK - well I'm going to put a glowing report for
Mr Clutch (Shoreham, East Sussex)

I second that. They did a cracking job on Mrs B's old Punto a few years ago and the chap in charge clearly knew his stuff inside out and back to front. As with kennybase, they undercut the main dealer by over £100. Would definitely use again.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Dr.H

I Third that!. They fitted a new clutch and slave cylinder on my old fiesta for £295. I took it in at 8.30am and they originally said I would have to come back around 5pm, but they were finished by 2pm.

They phoned me when they were done and explained a few other problems with the car but said its not necessary so I didnt bother. Will get the rest done next pay day :)

Very friendly, quick and get the job done at the Shoreham branch.

Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - Armitage Shanks {p}

SFAIK it is a franchise. It follows that the work will be as good as the people who work there, ie variable!

Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - artful dodger {P}
Have you considered buying the parts kit for the car from an online factor and having them fitted by an independant garage. I did this a couple of years ago and had a new clutch fitted instead of a recon for less money that I was originally quoted.

The online factor I have used on several occassions is www.buypartsby.co.uk/ . They are very efficient and parts are usually delivered the following working day. When I had my disks and pads changed on my car I had all 4 wheels done by an independant for the price of what the local fast fit place quoted for just the fronts.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Mr Clutch - experiences good or bad? - bell boy
fast fits near me usually quote £400 for bread an butter brakes front and rear and they get the bits from the same factor as me and a key account discount and 90 days to pay......................

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