cityrover ?? any good? - steveo3002
my father has gone gone out and purchased a 2 year old city rover

its not what i would have suggested , but thats what he wanted

what am i to expect to find ? are they reasonble cars? what goes wrong and where do we get parts when it does go wrong

does it share its running gear with anything else?
cityrover ?? any good? - landmarked
Could be worse - recently someone wrote about his FOL purchasing a KV6 Rover 800!

Not sure about parts but it is closely based on a car called the Tata Indica.
cityrover ?? any good? - DP
IIRC, the reviews said it wasn't that the car was no good, but that it was ludicrously over priced.

Presumably not an issue at 2 yrs old.

Probably perfectly useable transport I would imagine.

cityrover ?? any good? - sgreenwood
Motorpoint were selling them new for under £4k at the start of the year I think - so I would imagine the value for money on a second hand one would be pretty good. I can't comment on the reliability as I have no experience of them.
cityrover ?? any good? - Xileno {P}
It was a complete piece of over priced excrement. Atrocious build quality was the worst feature.
Sorry but it was.
Best bit was the Peugeot engine but I think even that was criticised for being thirsty.
cityrover ?? any good? - Altea Ego
I would think parts will be tough to get in the uk. It never sold a huge number before Rover cocked its last leg, (in fact it was a sales disaster). Sharded parts from Tata may be ok to get, but anything unique (Like rover styled body parts) will be hard to get.
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cityrover ?? any good? - steveo3002
groan........ they sound proper rubish

does anyone know what pug eningine it is?
cityrover ?? any good? - Xileno {P}
A 1.4 SOHC engine I think. Not sure what other Pugs it appeared in.
cityrover ?? any good? - Armitage Shanks {p}
What's Bad
Indian quality v/s UK Rover quality? List of faultgs experienced by one owner in the first 6 months:-

Water leak in the back door seal
Vibrating driver mirror
locking system broke on the back door, unable to open the door
squeak behind the steering wheel column
squeak above the mirror passenger side
back passenger seat vibrating
noise under the gear stick
oil leak
cityrover ?? any good? - machika
A 1.4 SOHC engine I think. Not sure what other
Pugs it appeared in.

There is no reason why this engine should be thirsty, if it is the 8v unit. It has been used in many PSA cars and produced good mpg in the ZX I had (never less than 40 mpg overall).
cityrover ?? any good? - Dry bearings
Mods i sent a detailed reply to steveo 3002.Not seen it since.Any ideas?
cityrover ?? any good? - BazzaBear {P}
I saw one on the road just a couple of months after it was first released, and it had visible rust problems. I've only ever seen one other.
cityrover ?? any good? - Stuartli
The road tests were not too complimentary:
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cityrover ?? any good? - component part
Better than walking-there aren't many modern cars that don't do the job, it's just some do it a lot better than others.

I can't for the life of me understand why somebody would want a City Rover (can you think what City rhymes with?!) when you could have a similar, but all round much better, Ka or even somthing like a Picanto-although that might be more expensive than the Rover?

Ah well, at least we have the freedom to make such choices.
cityrover ?? any good? - Dynamic Dave
Mods i sent a detailed reply to steveo 3002.Not seen it since.Any ideas?

Did you take a long time composing it? Could well be that you were logged out because of inactivity (writing a long reply in an open window counts as such), and the message lost when you submitted it.

see "How to avoid losing long replies..." over in Announcements.

cityrover ?? any good? - Dry bearings
a City Rover for almost 2 years.I traded it in recently with 9500mls.on the clock.Not a lot I admit,but enough to make a fair assessment.
It was parked outside in all weathers,winter and summer,it never failed to start first time.I had no breakdowns or problems with it.
I consider it to be a good reliable work horse.
The ride was a bit austere,especially over speed humps,like all small cars,I presume.However the 1.4 engine was very gutsy,carrying 4 adults
on many B class roads in the Yorks.dales and the N.Yorks.moors proved no hardship.
Having been caught in an electric storm,when the night sky resembled a battle field,and the road nal we managed it for
20 minutes with no problems.
I kept to manufactures recommende speeds in all gears for the first 600 mls,and generally looked well after it.It had no rust anywhere,as has
been suggested on some CRs.
I have to admit they are for a more mature type person,especiall for town work.I got 30mpg/45mpg overall.Road tax was more than current Focus.
You have to consider your speed when going in to a bend!and the drive does tend to whine a bit.
If your father has paid up to £4 k for the 'Select' model (not abad spec.) should be about right.
I had petrol fumes in the car at one stage,the petrol filler cap has to be properly lined up,just a matter of unscrewing it and starting again.
Hope this allays most of the negative messages you've received.
cityrover ?? any good? - Dry bearings
Sorry,that should read 'and the road ahead like a canal' (Past my bedtime)
cityrover ?? any good? - steveo3002
thanks for that dry bearings

i guess dad just wants transport that goes from A to B , so hopefully it wont be too much trouble

i didnt have the cheak to ask what he paid for sounds like a top spec one, 4x leccy winows , a/c and a cd player

did you ever look into where you could buy parts? do rover parts dept still exsist??
cityrover ?? any good? - Dry bearings
Re -Parts.
I forgot to mention that,been too slow typing,had to start allover again.Rimmer bros, Lincoln. They have agood web site,catologue on request
good set up really.
Sounds like like the one I had,4 electric windows a/con, p/s.
Sure he'll be ok.Wife didn't want me to part with it,there again she doesn't drive!
cityrover ?? any good? - Dry bearings
Thanks DD,finally managed it.
cityrover ?? any good? - ajit
1: Look at it as a no nonsense no frill car with a lot of metal
2: It does not have a Peugeot engine - petrol 1.4 drived from a diesel unit and wll be tough
3: Tata are in the process of re-establishuing dealer network so expect parts support

Note - City Rover is rugged, spacious transport for bad roads not a sophisticaed style statement
cityrover ?? any good? - Collos25
If you have three grand in it and run it for three years its cost you nothing compared to owning just about anything else of the same age.
cityrover ?? any good? - Xileno {P}
It is a Peugeot derived engine. Quote from Austin-Rover website:

"Changes were made to the 1405cc single cam Peugeot derived engine (mainly to help it exceed the latest EU emissions regulations)....."

In a moment of questionnable sanity, we thought we might replace the Yaris with a City Rover about two years ago. We didn't even drive the thing, just sitting in it and feeling the fit and finish was enough to put us off. Made a 1970's Lada seem a paragon of sophistication.

As a very cheap disposable car, I suppose it begins to make more sense but I would still rather have an old Yaris than one of these or if you must have a Rover, a 25.
cityrover ?? any good? - Stuartli
>>Made a 1970's Lada seem a paragon of sophistication.>>

Oh come on - even a CityRover isn't THAT bad...:-)
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cityrover ?? any good? - jase1
cityrover ?? any good? - GregSwain
It is beyond me why anyone would buy a City Rover. It's thirsty, expensive to tax, and looks/feels cheap. For a little bit more you could have a Picanto, an Alto or even one of those Perodua things, all of which are more ecomonical and have readily obtainable parts through main-dealers.

If your budget's stuck on £4k, a second-hand Micra or Getz makes far more sense to me than a City Rover. Rover only paid Tata around £3k to make each car, which were originally retailed for £6k+. Somebody should've explained to Rover that you get what you pay for.
cityrover ?? any good? - SpamCan61 {P}
>>It is beyond me why anyone would buy a City Rover. It's thirsty, expensive to tax, and looks/feels cheap.

The only attraction I can think of is that it is fairly big inside and 'gutsy' as stated up thread, possibly more so than the equivalent Picanto / Alto etc.

Having said that, even down here on the Costa del Geriatrica ( as featured by Natasha Kaplinsky on TV the other day ) I've only see two City Rovers in the last year. In fact I've seen more Chrysler 300Cs then CRs!
cityrover ?? any good? - mk124
Call me crazy but I think the exterior styling of the city rover is quite chic when compaired to the alto etc. It seems like a good buy if you want a basic car that won't need major work due to speed bumps.
cityrover ?? any good? - bell boy
everyone should have one at least once in their life ,maybe the national health could help?
oh.............and it must be a white one as they look gorgeous from any angle with the sun shining on them..........
cityrover ?? any good? - daveyjp
Just found this on another forum which may be of interest to City Rover owners.

"I need a city rover select steering column ref 284 254 509 905. Car has been off road 4 weeks already & is only 7 months old! Local ex-rover dealer says he cant get part till next April (2007!)"

There have been other posts warning purchasers who may be contemplating buying a Rover to be wary of parts availability. Although this is really a Tata Indica in disguise, it does show that Rover parts are difficult to get hold of.
cityrover ?? any good? - Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken Vindaloo Senior was loaned a City Rover while his 75 was serviced. He said it was the worst car he's ever driven. Cheap and nasty interior, dreadful transmission, non-existant road holding. I could go on, but won't.

I was given the offer of going over with him to pick his 75 up, but I politely declined. Apparently the dealer apologised for loaning him the City Rover and mentioned that they don't keep any on the forecourt....
cityrover ?? any good? - jase1
If your budget's stuck on £4k, a second-hand Micra or Getz
makes far more sense to me than a City Rover.

A 2-year-old Getz makes a very good case for itself. A decent-quality, proven car with the same effective warranty as some cars costing more than double the amount with the same spec, for £4000.

Leaves these Peroduas and Altos looking a little silly. Micras etc are also sensible purchases but they only come with 1 year's warranty at 2 years old.

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