dangerous driving pt2 - wotspur

So a dangerous driver was released from an open prison after serving less than a quarter of their original sentence and declares that "at least nobody died" the arrogance is beyond belief and shows no remorse. Surely the driver should personally be made to care for every need of the victim for at least the remainder of their original sentence.
dangerous driving pt2 - rtj70
And surely the fact that he was an ex world boxing champion had no bearing on ealy release. He nearly killed the other driver after all.
dangerous driving pt2 - Adam {P}
To look at it from the other side of the coin,

He went to prison. A lot harsher punishment than people in the past have got for more serious crimes. He missed his child being born and the first 4 months of it's life. And he did actually say sorry to the bloke he crashed into.

I'm not for one moment condoning him - It was his fault. I'm not even saying I agree with his early release. But it does help to have both sides of the story.
dangerous driving pt2 - rtj70
Shame he could not have been made to pay financial compensation to the other driver though. Especially when you consider the driver of the other car was seriously injured, breaking every major bone in his body and suffering bruising to the brain, and his wife was also seriously injured.

To quote the Beeb:

"The DVLA's decision led to Hamed being sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday without the judge being told he had previously banned for a year for driving a Porsche at 110mph on the M1 in Derbyshire.

He also had three other previous convictions for speeding offences, details of which the prosecution had to find from court records. "

Thankfully (1) I don't go to Sheffield often and (2) He's been banned for 4 years.
dangerous driving pt2 - Bromptonaut
Presumably any compo will be decided in a separate civil case in which the claimant will rely on the conviction when proving cause and liability - unless they were offending as well (eg particiapting in a race)
dangerous driving pt2 - wotspur
Come off it Adam "hear the other side of the story"
what story, he drove at dangerously high speeds, on the wrong side of the road, over taking on a blind spot and hit another car, injuring both parties severly enough to fracture every bone in one of the victims body, it was pure luck he wasn't up for killing 2 people, or in my mind attempted murder.
Missing the birth of his child was tragic but he had a track record of bad driving and in any other criminal offence upon judgement would and should have been taken into account.
So he went to prison, yeah an open prison," a lot harsher than people in the past for more serious crimes" you having a laugh - are you another bleading heart liberal - next you'll be saying he had a hard childhood, was vicitmised as a kid and why not add he was picked on because he's - rich or young or Muslim, or Asian or what ever other excuse you might want to bring up to excuse what occurred.
Did he actually say sorry, all I heard at the end of his statement was, "well at least no one died".
if as another contributor said he is now broke, at least he stands a better chance of regaining the opportunity of earning a living - until then he should repay the victim in personal care.
dangerous driving pt2 - Adam {P}
I seem to remember a long time ago that a woman, with bald tyres, no licence and no insurance ran over somone, killed them, and drove off and got fined £83. I was calling for her head and everyone else was saying "But she's got kids - what good would prison do?"

I'm just trying to put both into context.

With regards to him earning a living? Doing what? He used to be unreal but he lost it. He's fat(ter, slow(er), and I can't see him getting far after this. He has a criminal record after all.
dangerous driving pt2 - daveyjp
"With regards to him earning a living? Doing what?"

He has many business interests outside of boxing - he built up a substantial property portiflio with his earnings. A development company he owns built some properties near my parents over 5 years ago - starting price was about £250,000.
dangerous driving pt2 - Kevin

the DVLA won't give details of previous convictions to a Judge?

I though judges were supposed to be in posession of all the facts before sentencing?

I guess he wouldn't give them his credit card number.


dangerous driving pt2 - rtj70
The unnamed ex world featherweight champion boxer (don't want to name him) is pretty much broke now though isn't he unfortunately. Must have bought the Mclaren Mercedes on HP or something. Poor guy. Feel sorry for someone like that. Not.

I hope the other party do get some money from him. At least the boxer in question has his health and family.

Maybe he should lose the MBE though?

< snip >

The judge jailed him for as long as possible and then the systems lets him out at 25% of the sentence.

Sorry moderators.

{No need to apologise...to be honest I agree with you. However, regardless of what he was arrested for at the time, he was only charged with dangerous driving, not the other offence you alluded to. No problem with you naming him, as long as you stick to the facts of the case. PG}
dangerous driving pt2 - rtj70
Thanks PG. Thought someone would edit that :-)

Indeed it was only dangerous driving he got done for and maybe he (sh)could have gotten done for more. For all of us lets hope he has really learned from this when he can start driving again in a few years.

But let me add in the < snip > bit without naming the obvious driver. {No, please don't - it's obvious from the rest of the thread who you're talking about. Just because you don't name him doesn't mean others can't put two and two together. Thanks. PG}

What has the justice system come to. Shooting someone might be less risky. Or swiming with a sting ray...

dangerous driving pt2 - stevied
Missing the birth of a child isn't tragic. Nearly killing another family IS.

Celebrity and money heaped on top of an already large ego make him a dangerous, conceited and arrogant individual. My own personal opinion is that glorifying fighting is bad anyway, but that's a separate issue I suppose. Let's stop treating sportsmen and people on TV as superhuman and celebrate everyone's achievements eh? Not too much to ask.... if you're intelligent and well-adjusted. Unfortunately most people have a need to live vicariously it would appear, so we fuel the "celebrity" steamroller.

At least he can't drive for the moment.
dangerous driving pt2 - daveyjp
I'm more saddened by the fact the press played up to him being released by being outside the prison. Last thing we should be doing is giving him any airtime.

On a car note the amount of engineering that went in to that MB is outstanding - impact speed of well over 100 mph and the engine on the SLR was still intact and inside it's mountings.
dangerous driving pt2 - Sofa Spud
What I'd like to know is whether he's banned from driving and how long for. A very long time, hopefully.
dangerous driving pt2 - BobbyG
According to the papers a Phantom, a stretch range Rover and a BMW were outside the jail to pick him up. Doesn't appear to me to be the sign of someone full of remorse wanting to make a discreet exit.
dangerous driving pt2 - Happy Blue!
Just going to make the same point. The Roller and Stretch Range Rover belong to a limousine business operating near me in Manchester. It is Asian run and specialises in the type of glitsy fanfare than Hamed made yesterday.

I just hope that a tabloid newspaper - actual newspaper name removed - DD doesn't go offering him £100,000 for his story. If he had left jail and got into his wife's car (It could have been a Roller - so what), that would have been OK. But to get a specially chartered fleet is just sickening.
dangerous driving pt2 - stevied
I rest my case, this sickens me. Him and his homies cruising round in their ridiculous extension vehicles (there's a reason they're known as stretch limousines) justifying their actions because they're rich, man, so they can do what they want. Wealth, fame and glory based on being good at violence. Mmm how wholesome.

I hope his parents are proud of the selfish-made man he's become.
dangerous driving pt2 - stevied
PS if you log onto nazworld.com you can read all his sycophants sticking up for him, but with a lot of people giving him a roasting in-between. One hopes that "he gets back his killer instict while he's in jail". Yes, let's hope that!!! That's what we need, more violent brutal psychopaths.

What is wrong with people? : (
dangerous driving pt2 - PoloGirl
This thread seems to have veered quite a long way away from motoring... get it back on track, please, or it's getting locked.


dangerous driving pt2 - mk124
I think that the prison sentence was very harsh considering the circumstances. What good is looking up a dangrous driver? What drives me mad is that in 4 years he will be able to drive again. He should have recieved a lifetime ban.
However this is probably unfair. Prison is meant to punish people, in that case he has got off lightly. The lifetime ban I propose give him the boxer no chance for redemption, no chance to say what he did was a mistake and that he can live responibly at a later date.
My mind is that prison should be to keep people off the streets that are dangours, if punisment can be extended to other curtailments of freedom, then so be it.
After seeing my very physically active father be taken ill and though a slip up at the hospital causing a stroke, that ended his carrer, my mothers carrer and has confined him to a wheel chair for the rest of his days. My heart goes out the inocent people in this crash, who got away with their live's but little more. The person resposible for the couples loss of earnings and quality of life should pay the full price.
Having paid the full price however if the boxer can still be taken away in a stretched Rolls he should be. It is his money to spend as he pleases. This however ingnores the differing value of money to differing individuals of society. If a homeless person was ordered to pay a vast amount of money because he/she hurt someone would it be fair if a very rich person was ordered to pay the same amont for the same damage. The value of the money may be diffrent from for the homeless person and the rich person and therefore the punishment unequal in human terms if not in monetary terms. I do take onboard that prehapps his departure from court did not convey financial hardship on the part of the boxer.
Prehapps fines are therefore not a good yardstick for punishment. The curtailment of freedom is however a good yardstick.
Ban dangerouse drivers for a sensible period (not just 4 years). Make them bear the full cost of their actions (runs into rich/poor issues and therefore punishment issues). Get people out of prisons if their punishment can be overseen in ways that does not dent the public purse.

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