what are the best ht leads for a VW V6 - dipsomaniac
for my vw v6 engine? bought vw leads 14 months ago (£18 each) two are now visibly arcing from the plug cap to casting.
what are the best ht leads - GregSwain
Magnecor - www.magnecor.co.uk

Don't know if they do them for your car, but they're quite highly regarded.
what are the best ht leads - bimmer-driver
We do Electrospark where I work and have VERY few, if any, in the last 6 months sent back as faulty so they must be decent.

what are the best ht leads - VR6
I've got magnecors on mine. They come with a 'lifetime' guarantee. Do you have the VR6 motor in your car? If so you will need to cut off the little plastic lugs which hold the leads in place, as the magnecors are slightly fatter than the OE ones.
what are the best ht leads - dipsomaniac
i just know it is a vw v6 engine, don't know what the 'r' stands for?

from doing a little research the magnecor leads are available in 7, 8, & 8.5mm. i think the original lead trays are ok for the 7 & 8mm leads.

haven't decided whether to buy a set of leads from GSF (approx £60) or go for the Magnecor (approx £85 for 8mm). has anyone had any problems with the magnecor leads?
what are the best ht leads - George Porge
If you don't know if its a VR6, whats the car / year?

If its a VR6 you're supposed to use a plug lead removal tool to pull them off the plugs. The tool clips to the bonnet stay and if you just yank on the leads you damage them.

VR6 is a narrow angle 15 degree V6 with a single cylinder head for both banks of cylinders.
what are the best ht leads - dipsomaniac
car is a 1998 ford galaxy. am going with a set of beru leads from GSF - £48.50 + VAT. couldn't stretch to the £100+ for the magnecor leads as i will probably only have the car for another 2 years.
what are the best ht leads - BB
"....car is a 1998 ford galaxy, am going with a set of beru leads...."

That will be the AAA 2.8 unit found in the Golf / Corrado/Sharan VR6 also. One tip, try and keep your old leads in the boot of your car as Beru leads will break down again. Have you had problems with your coil pack yet? Guaranteed, this will start to go soon if it hasn't already? (Rough engine in the wet are classic symptoms)

Apart from that, great engine loved it in my VR6 that I had for 7ish years. Lots of others on this forum have plenty of experience with this engine too.
what are the best ht leads - BB
Sorry, misread thought you said 1995. I think your engine may be the 60 degree 206bhp not the 15 degree 174bhp.
what are the best ht leads - dipsomaniac
thanks for the replies. don't know what the engine code is - can't see it on the aux belt side. on the log book the engine number starts VC0.....

my nearest magnecor stockist is 20 miles away - they wanted £100 for the 8mm leads before delivery and couldn't guarantee that they could get them by the weekend. i need the car for Friday.

have now tried leads from Partco. they cost £60 and lasted about sixty days before ford replaced 2 when trying to identify a misfire. ford replaced them with their/vw's expensive (£18 each) red leads. one of those has subsequently started arcing after just 14 months.

couldn't find a stockist for the leads mentioned above so haven't got much choice than to go with the beru leads from GSF. they can't be that bad as they are made in germany..............can they??????????????

what are the best ht leads - George Porge
Is the removal tool I mentioned previously being used to remove the leads each and every time?

Not doing so will lead to damage and misfiring
what are the best ht leads - dipsomaniac
yes, i have found the removal tool to be essential on this engine
what are the best ht leads - dipsomaniac
i am not convinced that these beru leads are going to be suitable. just looked on their website. if they are the same as the leads i fitted from partco last year, they do not have the tabs on the caps for the lead tool to engage into.

they will be ok to fit but if i ever needed to remove them my lead tool will be useless.

has anyone else had any experience using these leads?

what are the best ht leads - Cyd
You should have listened to Gregs advice and got Magnecor. I destroyed many sets of HT leads on my Rover Turbo - the heat just kills them. I've now had a set of Magnecor for over four years, 40k miles of hard driving. NO problems and still look like new. I got the KV85s.
what are the best ht leads - dipsomaniac
i would love to fit magnecor leads but it is cost, availability and the fact that i will probably only keep the car for another 2 years that were the decisive factors.

if the leads cure the misfire, next on the list are: heater matrix, n/s mirror, 2 x tyres & MOT.

wish i had a company car

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