Exhaust life - frazerjp
Hi all,
Can anybody please me how long does it take for the average exhaust to last before any parts of it whether it's the back box or the front down pipe is due for replacement?

I was reading an old Marshall Cavendish manual & it explains many systems can last up to a year, but it's an old manual & surely many pipes don't last this short nowadays? I own a Y-reg ford Ka which has done just over 41k miles & is still on it's original system despite being used for a mixture of trips.
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Exhaust life - Hamsafar
Between 1 and ten years, so the median average is probably about 5 for a factory fit and 2.5 for an aftermarket.
Exhaust life - Roberson
Rear sections tend to have a shorter life as they are further away from the engine and don't heat up as well. Therefore vapours tend to collect internally and rot the pipe from the inside. Either way, I agree with Ashok. If the aftermarket part is OEM, then it'll probably last as well as the factory fit. I've had non OEM exhaust parts fitted to my Polo and they were rubbish. Metal as thin as fag paper and of poor quality. However, the OEM Ernst parts I?ve had fitted since, are much better (like scaffold pipe!)
Exhaust life - yorkiebar
Sort of agree but....
after market are of various quality but usually similar prices.

if using a quality after market (probably even the same as the oe supply?) it should easily do 5 years but again depends on use.

Little known fact but cars that do high miles have exhausts that last longer, because the temperature of the exhaust evaporates the water/acid mix that is always produced by the engine. Lower mileage cars (used for short trips etc) allow this mix to sit in exhaust and it rots it from inside out.

That is the same whatever quality of system is fitted.
Exhaust life - GregSwain
I was told by a fitter at a well-known chain that a back-box might only last 18 months. However the exhaust I got fitted at an independent came with a 2-year guarantee!
Exhaust life - Xileno {P}
Diesel exhausts seem to last a long time.
I have never found the fast fit exhausts as good as the OEM part but then they're cheaper. You get what you pay for.
Exhaust life - yorkiebar
Who makes the oem exhausts ? same people who make the quality aftermarket ones.

Most fast fit places give a choice of cheap or better system (not always offered i know). We nearly all choose the cheap and then wonder why it doesn't last ?
Exhaust life - type's'
Not necessarily true.
Car makers such as Toyota and Honda have set up their own factories to make some parts so they can ensure quality.
(Toyota also did this with Denso and I know Honda use their own fuel systems not Bosch etc)
Toyota have a factory in the USA that makes it's own catalytic converters and Honda make their own exhausts and oil filters etc.
The exhaust on my Accord is gauranteed for 8 years - it is stainless steel and double skinned for better heat retention ensuring the catalyst gets up to operating temperature quickly.
Exhaust life - madf
Wife's 1993 Peugeot 106 1.4 diesel is on its original back box.. 13 years old. Rest of system has been replaced.
I blame the short trips =1-2 miles - for the rest of the system lasting only around 9-10 years....
Exhaust life - John S
Increased exhaust lifetime is a benefit of the change to unleaded petrol. Leaded petrol and the cocktail of additives used to reduce the less welcome effects of tetra ethyl lead were a factor in promoting exhaust corrosion.


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