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hi i have a '91 calibra 2lt 8 valve.
Problems are rev counter doesn't work at all, water temperature guage doesn't work at all and lastly my horn doesn't work.
Can anyone help me to fix these problems.
calibra problems - Number_Cruncher
For the horn, first check the fuse. If it has blown, check the wiring around the horn bracket for chafing through. If you find the fuse is OK, check that there is a live wire at the horn when the ignition is on. If you disconnect the other horn wire, and connect the horn terminal to earth using some spare wire, the horn should sound. If it doesn't sound, consider a new horn. If it does sound, consider checking the horn ring on the back of the steering wheel - I'm not sure if your car has an airbag, but anyway, take great care getting the steering wheel off if you need to.

For the temperature gauge, turn on the ignition, and connect the sensor wire (the blue one, by the thermostat) to the engine block - the gauge should shoot up, to beyond boiling. If it does, consider a new sensor, or that the thermostat housing has become electrically isolated from the engine - if someone has used lots of sealing gunk perhaps. If it doesn't, and if the fuel gauge is working OK, then consider either the wiring between the gauge and engine, or the gauge itself (probably best to remove the instrument panel, and test behine there)

For the rev counter to work, it needs a live, an earth, and the signal wire to be connected to the Motronic control unit properly. If you take out the instrument panel, check all the wiring connections on the back - it could just be a loose wire.

I hope that helps,

calibra problems - Dynamic Dave
I'm not sure if your car has an airbag,

Not introduced until 1993, so should be ok.

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