What falls off Peugeot 806 SVDT? - Freewheel
Hi, looking for any thoughts on the longeivity of the good old Peugeot 806 SVDT - 1998 model with 98k for £3395 private sale. Anyone got any useful thoughts?
We have a small car for town, and are looking for something in the £3000-£5000 bracket with a nice high driving position and min 6 seats.
My wife is concerned that being French, bits will just fall off it.

Our other option is to go for a Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2000< (newer shape, but not newest) for more money. These look a good bet in terms of reliability.

What falls off Peugeot 806 SVDT? - Pugugly {P}
I think the CBC says it all.........
What falls off Peugeot 806 SVDT? - GregSwain
Go for the Mitsubishi. They cost more when they go wrong, but they don't tend to go wrong. Make sure it's got decent service history and a new cambelt.

If you're not bothered about image, go for a Kia Sedona - they're pretty well-built, have a decent enough 2.9 litre diesel and they don't plummet in value like other Kias. For that money you should get a decent Y-reg model with full history. Won't be difficult to sell on either.
What falls off Peugeot 806 SVDT? - bristolmotorspeedway {P}
How about a Hyundai Trajet? I would think they are pretty reliable (although I have no experience of Hyundais, but they clearly have confidence in their own product if they offer a 5 year warranty).

Found a couple of Approved Used ones just outside your budget on the Hyundai website:

2000/W 45k miles £5495
2001/X 51k miles £5995

Must be able to get them very cheap from independant dealers....
What falls off Peugeot 806 SVDT? - boxsterboy
Had no problems with our Synergie 1.9TD (same as 806) , unlike the Sharan that preceeded it. So happy with the Synergie that we replaced it with a C8 which is similarly reliable (but has a few electrical tantrums now and then.

As long as it has a complete service history, I would see no reason to avoid.
What falls off Peugeot 806 SVDT? - GregSwain
Unfortunately lots of those Peugeot/Citroen MPVs were used for private hire, so there's gonna be lots of rubbish to sort through before you find a good one with a full history. I was suggesting the far-eastern cars because they'd be a safer bet in that respect, although you see the odd Sedona used on airport runs now.

One decent MPV that seems to get overshadowed by all the grey imports is the Toyota Previa. Your budget would only stretch to a V-reg, but unlike a Spacewagon, it's a "proper" MPV, which has room for people and luggage! Only problem is they're mainly 2.4 litre petrols, with autoboxes - not everyone's cup of tea.
What falls off Peugeot 806 SVDT? - wotspur
Had a P reg 806 SVDT from new, did me 6 years, superbly reliable for 150k+, then things started to go badly wrong- so be careful. Loved the electric mirrors on this version, saved a fortune on having them knocked off

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