Ambient Lighting in New Honda Civic - Eggy

One of my friends has just bought a Focus ST and commented that he was going to go for the Floor lighting extras (Those little ambient blue lights) but he's told me that all he's had to buy are the little bulbs as all the wiring and bulb sockets are already in place. Would this be right or is he telling me porkies.

If it's true, do you think it will be the same for my Civic as I wanted them but didn't want to shell out the £185 as an Extra. It would seem too good to be true but I'm wondering whether anyone here knows.

Many thank
Ambient Lighting in New Honda Civic - kithmo
Some Ford models have the front footwell light sockets already there. others don't. My 55 reg Mondeo Zetec had the sockets in place so I just fitted a couple of orange 5W wedge bulbs in and presto, I now have orange glow footwell lights at a cost of 40p.
Ambient Lighting in New Honda Civic - Eggy
Makesa mockery of the prices a dealer would charge doesn't it. Wonder how much they'd charge you for putting two bulbs in?
Ambient Lighting in New Honda Civic - Lud
Do modern cars also come with wiring and fitting for coloured lights under the chassis? Quite a few of those about. Bit kitsch for me, I wouldn't do it to a car, but I like seeing it.

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