Lexus GS 300 - kal
I am thinking of buying a new Lexus GS 300 in preference to Merc E class or BMW 5 Series. Does any body have any views on the merits of such a purchase. Any replies will be appreciated, thanks.
Lexus GS 300 - Falkirk Bairn
Faster depreciation - if you plan to keep the car for a longtime it is not so important but changing after say 2/3 years will show a steeper decline than a 5/E-class. No diesel offering might put you off.

Recent road tests in Motor Mags give a good write-up about quality and reliability but 5/E-class still win on other fronts.

Mind you it will stand out in a company carpark as being different - if it is a private buy then depreciation will weigh heavily on your decision..
Lexus GS 300 - Adam {P}
I know I always bang on about that Lexus I owned for 24 hours but if Lexus have advanced just five years since 1995 then BMW and Mercedes have a lot to worry about.

Truly amazing cars.
Lexus GS 300 - y2k+4
I'd resist the allure (or possibly remortgage the house or something) to get my hands on a new LS. The technology looks amazing (parallel parking almost on it's own???), I think it looks much better than the S-class and if I ever saw one when I'd bought a GS, I'd just feel like I'd bought entirely the wrong car.
Lexus GS 300 - Chad.R
I thought I'd better get in before MTC....

You don't want a GS300. You want a 300C instead, they're great value for ........

Sorry, couldn't resist! ;-0

Lexus GS 300 - Murphy The Cat
You're a bad man !!

Lexus GS 300 - rtj70
I want to see it parallel park. I think it's totally unassisted apart from you having to pull up alongside a space that is big enough. Cool.

But... if it hit another car, who would be to blame? You or Lexus/Toyota ;-)
Lexus GS 300 - Lud
How does it park by itself? Sprout a lot of little feet when no one's looking and sort of scuttle into the slot? I'd like to see that.
Lexus GS 300 - PST
Do you have to be in the car while it does it? It'd be even cooler if you could get out and watch it park whilst chatting to the bystanders! (Legal issues notwithstanding)
Lexus GS 300 - PST
A quick google answers my own have to stay in the car to keep an eye on the speed i.e. a foot on the brake.

A link to a video clip of it in action on this page....
Lexus GS 300 - nutty_nissan
I drive a 99 GS300 and it's overall a good package for my needs. bargain used, wouldn't dare buy new (as depreciation is bad!). Reliablility and build quality is first class. 10,000 miles since I got it and just a 200 quid full service.

new version is improvement on old, and if you are after handling or ride quality as top priorities, get the 5 series or the benz. if you want lots of kit for your cash, and like something that looks a bit different, then get one. Also, my advice would be to try and get a used GS430 (new shape) as the engine is marvellous.

Why not drive the benz and the merc to see which one suits you best. I'm a member of Lexus Owners Club, and many owners of the new GS (and IS) have complained of interior rattles from the latest models, which is worrying. The old LS,GS and IS were pretty much rattle free.
Lexus GS 300 - stunorthants
Id have a GS300 if it was one of the early ones with the big wheels - saves on depreciation and looks very smart in dark grey - you will look like a drug dealer in one like that, but they generally have good taste in motors! Im saving up as we speak!

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