Clio P Reg - strange windpipe noise - Salty24404
Car seems to be working fine but over the last couple of days the car has been making a strange type of windpipe noise!? It sounds like the bonnet or door is not closed properly but i have checked and everything is as it should be. or as if it is really really windy outside but its not! Any ideas?
Clio P Reg - strange windpipe noise - martint123
I had a Renault 5 that for more than a year made an unidentified moaning sound. It seemed to do it mainly on the over-run, but gentle over-run, not when using the engine to slow down etc. I'd tried inlet manifold gasket, head gasket and eventually found out it was one of the temperature sensors in the inlet manifold - not an air leak but just this wierd noise as the air rushed past it. A slightly thicker washer to rotate it a bit fixed it in the end.
Clio P Reg - strange windpipe noise - yorkiebar
Sunroof seal?

roof aerial mounting?

air filter?

heater trunking come loose?

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