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Right I have lent my C Max to friend and in return I have his 2002 Mercedes C class auto to drive. I think that it is tiptronic. Just so that i don't make mess of driving it - what is tiptronic and how does it differ from the normal auto? Which setting is best? Thanks
using Mercedes tiptronic - rtj70
If it's a "tiptronic" type of auto then there's probably paddles behind or buttons on the steering wheel. These can be used for manual changes. You can tell I don't know MB tiptronic but someone will be along that does.

But there will be the option to leave to autobox to do it all for you. I wouldn't worry about it being tiptronic because you don't need to use the manual override.
using Mercedes tiptronic - Avant
The good news is that you don't have to use the Tiptronic function - just stick it in Drive and keep going.

Tiptronic allows you, if you want to, to increase performance (not by much compared with kickdown) by shifting through the gears manually, and also to hold a a low gear when going down a steep hill.
using Mercedes tiptronic - Bill Payer
Assuming it's the same as my 2004 model (I'm sure it is, my only doubt is that it was facelifted in 2004) then it *is* a normal auto box. Put in Drive and away you go. (Just in case you don't know, you have to have your foot on the brake pedal to move the gear selector out of Park)

The 'tiptronic' bit simply allows you to to 'tip' (nudge) the gearstick to change up or down manually. From Drive, nudge it to left, and it will shift down, nudge it right and it'll shift up. If you hold it left or right it will shift multiple gears in one go.
Pretty well the only time I ever use this is to slow the car down hills.

The will be a s/c or s/w (standard or sport / winter or comfort) button - suggest you leave that in S (it'll show on the dash). C or W forces the car to start off on 2nd, and the up changes occur earlier.
using Mercedes tiptronic - dodo
Brilliant! Thanks Bill Payer. Have a long run to do at the week end so its good to be prepared.


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