VW Golf Cabriolet Electrics/Coil - katieledwards
I recently broke down and it turned out my coil had almost caught fire but luckily it only burnt out. I had this replaced but ever since, I have had other problems. The main one is my electric hood won't work. We have tried to find a fuse for this but there isn't one! Can anyone help?
The other problem is that although the stereo is still working is no longer turns on when you put the key in the ignition and doesn't turn off when you take the key out, you have to literally turn the stereo off???? Can anyone help??
Thanks alot everyone!!!
VW Golf Cabriolet Electrics/Coil - elekie&a/c doctor
The failed ignition coil has nothing to do with the hood fault, but the problem with the stereo is related to the operation of the roof. The electric circuit to it is switched by the insertion of the key into the ignition barrel.I would suspect that the ignition switch is at fault.

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