parts for hyundais / asia cars - adam f
i know there is GSF and eurocar parts for parts for euro cars but is there a place/website for cars like hyundai,honda,kia etc
parts for hyundais / asia cars - Aprilia
Yes, there are a few. Blueprint are one of the best known suppliers, but you have to go through a factor and to be honest I've never found them to be particularly cheap although that are handy for grey-import stuff. There's a few other web-based companies (e.g. Japparts).
Far Eastern cars are generally pretty reliable and so there is probably not a big market for non-service parts. Filters, exhausts, brake parts etc are pretty easy to come by from regular factors (e.g. try - the more unusual stuff is more difficult to come by outside of the dealerships because its so rarely requested. Places like Partsdirect ( can get OE stuff from Japan at a reasonable discount if you have the VIN.
parts for hyundais / asia cars - bell boy
not that i am aware of but depending which bits you need always points me in the right direction
eg a factor for service items
different dealers for oe bits............. but you need to sometimes ring a few as the prices are not always cast in stone (this is particularly true with honda dealerships and ive not bought anything out of a honda dealer for 15 years)
anyone else?
parts for hyundais / asia cars - bell boy
(this is particularly true with honda dealerships

this should have said hyundai................i fall on sword...............
parts for hyundais / asia cars - Aprilia
Just to add to Oldman's comment - if you need a big item (e.g. £100+ part) then haggle a bit with the storeman and ring a few dealers - you can often get 10-15% off. I am on good terms with local Mitsi and Nissan dealers (no account with them) and they often just give me a discount without having to ask. There's a fair bit of 'fat' on some of those parts prices....

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