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My boss has a 52 plate A6 Avant. He bought the car secondhand and it didn't come with a retractable boot cover. Audi are quoting over £400 for one and he found a broken on Ebay for £40!
Any ideas where he could get one for a reasonable price?
Boot Cover - Audi A6 Avant - bell boy
if you cant find one on ebay then it dont exist
i have yet to dip my toe here as i like to see the whites of peoples eyes whom i deal with
but i am 94
Boot Cover - Audi A6 Avant - Altea Ego
Ebay patience is the only way.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Boot Cover - Audi A6 Avant - stevied
oldman, you're 94? Are you RON? : )

I must to bed. Too much Tourteau Chollet and I've just tried to light a cigarette with a chopstick. Yes, I know... my postings are remarkably lucid despite this.


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