what were they doing ? - bedfordrl
Couple of days ago delivering mail i followed two Hampshire County Council fiesta vans.
Both had short (@3 foot) masts on their roof and on the top what looked like a C.C.T.V. camera.
The front one's camera was pointing backwards and the rear one's camera was pointing forwards.
Both kept at 40mph and seemed to be trying to keep a set distance of about 20 to 30 feet.
What were they doing ??.
what were they doing ? - Lud
Don't look darling. They're just playing.
what were they doing ? - bedfordrl
Probably right.
what were they doing ? - Altea Ego
surveying probably? checkingthe road for potholes?
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what were they doing ? - Avant
Prelude to mating? Wait for the little Ka in Hants CC livery.
what were they doing ? - Chuffer Dandridge
Pretty sure they are used by Community Support Officers

Don't think the cameras would have been doing anything whilst travelling, direction they were pointing in of no relevance, distance apart would have been sensible for the speed

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