Hiring a car at Faro - helicopter
Anybody hired there recently ? Any recommendations or companies to avoid.

The internet choice is just massive so guidance from the backroom needed

I will probably be heading along into Spain as well so need some guidance on possible insurance problems if I cross the border in a Portugese car.
Hiring a car at Faro - mscott
I hired with Europcar at Faro airport in summer 2005. (Asked for a Group Two car, got a Fiat Idea). One thing to be aware of is that the hire-car depots are quite a distance from the airport, not walkable. Europcar had a mini-bus shuttle.
Hiring a car at Faro - BigDai
It's a couple of years since I did this but IIRC I used Avis & they were right at the airport - about 50 yards from the terminal. The car booked was a 3 door group A (Corsa or similar) - when we arrived the attendant took 1 look at me (6' 3" & 20+ stone) & my golf clubs & gave me a Focus estate for no extra charge - great service & great value at the time. Sorry, no experience of crossing the border though.
Hiring a car at Faro - wemyss
I used Europcar a few months ago at Faro and the pickup of the car was also only yards away from the terminal. However when returning the car its on the approach road into the airport and they put you immediately onto a mini bus to the terminal. I think all of the car hire people were also on the same approach road for returns. They only take seconds to check the car over.
I found Europcar very professional. When picking up the car a man goes round the car with you showing any marks etc on the vehicle and showing you that these are marked down on a document they give you ensuring there can be no misunderstanding.

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