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Try there is a forum with loads of information
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I buy and sell sell property out of the bankruptcy auctions around Berlin and Dresden these are normally held weekly at the local government office I try to do about three a year ,my sister in law has a large estates agents in Dresden so that helps.The German word is "versteigerung"the lists of properties are posted on the wall buying this way you can normally save around 40% but its done in cash and takes around 2 months to complete if you can get vacant possession.There are plenty of estate agents but remember you have to pay a buying fee of around 4% but any good agent will explain the whole process.The area you are contemplating is quite expensive for Germany but much cheaper than the UK .Pitfalls to watch out for services coming across your land you have to pay a proportion thats why so many farms look cheap.
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many thanks.

What about council tax type taxes, water, sewage charges, power supply. Are they like uk and charged as a standing charge plus amount used? Do you know, or know where I can find out?
Prperty in Germany - Collos25
You normally pay a set figure every month and settle up either way at the end of the year ,everthing is metered the water has different tariffs according to its use they have just announced an increase in all energy tariffs ,they are quite bit more expensive than the UK.

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