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Sometime (post-launch of the new MINI) I'm thinking of acquiring a MINI Cooper. Whilst I know its a very good car in it's own right (handling, styling etc etc) biggest potential reason for buying it will be because with my own money (£12k-ish) will be for residuals and running costs - with such decent performance AND mpg of combined 48, it would seem ideal (except I'll miss the space of my Focus should I do it). I'd obviously pay for the service pack - but which other options from Cd-changer to Sat Nav to keyless entry are likely to recoup some of their value do you think? And will the MINI continue to enjoy such high residuals???
Residuals, mini's, options. - jammods
I dont think you'd get anyway near 48mph

12k is going to get you a 2nd hand car with options already chosen by previous owner, so whilst there will be some choice. I would be looking for TLC package, lowest mileage, best condition before options.

The high residuals will eventually come down due to new models being brought out and also as the design gets older the used market will become more plentiful and drive prices lower.

Having said that I wouldnt worry too much......they will still hold the value better than most.

Hope this helps, only my own opinions mind!
Residuals, mini's, options. - bell boy
new mini coming i would tread very very carefuly if it was my 12 bags

can anybody remind me what the code name is for the new engine they are going to fit to the new mini in place of the simca 1100 one?
Residuals, mini's, options. - Citroënian {P}
Everyone's into MINIs tonight.

Go for the Chili Pack (on Cooper or S) - they're recognised, have a value in Glass's guide and give a decent level of kit; further, insurance companies know what a Chili is too, so making the insurance process less painful.

Get aircon, tough to sell on without it - and the residual will be close to its cost.

Metallic Paint in a nice colour will help residuals.

Pretty much most other things you tick the box for won't recoup their cost when you come to sell.

And if you want more info than you can possible imagine on them, check out


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Residuals, mini's, options. - y2k+4
Thanks everyone. What I meant to say is, I'll have £12-13k and my old Focus to trade in at like, £2,500. So we're probably looking at £15k-ish total. I was just admiring the options list and as extensive as it is, the only one's I thought I'd really want was CD player (shocked a car at this price doesn't have one as standard), a/c, tlc xl, and possibly metallic paint, though I do like the standard Chilli Red colour.

Do you think the facelifted MINI will hold it's value as well as it's predecessor has over the last 5 years? Or would I possibly be better off on a year-old diesel Golf?
Residuals, mini's, options. - Mad Maxy
Yep: Chilli pack, aircon, CD player, plus a few 'nice to haves' that will let you enjoy the car even more, and make it a bit more distinctive when you come to sell.


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