vw golf mark 4 sqeaky brakes - silver surfer
I have a vw golf mark 4 v6 and have recently had the brale pads replace. i get a squeacking from the brakes after about 1/2 an hour of driving. the garage says it's the dust form the brake pads i'm unsure?
does any one have the same problem?
vw golf mark 4 sqeaky brakes - Xileno {P}
My Renault suffers from squeal when the brake dust builds up to a critical point. A quick blast with a hose sorts it out.
vw golf mark 4 sqeaky brakes - piston power
since the pads were fitted what mileage have you done? they can glaze with heavy braking, or may req removing and a light coat of copperslip on the metal part of the pad were it touches the caliper might stop it.

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