Strange Accord sound - ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond
Now this is a difficult one to explain by words, but when I come to move on a hill the 1996 accord I have makes a loud creaking/moaning/whining sort of sound.
It sound like its coming from the front somewhere.
Only happens if I'm on a hill.

Any thoughts what it might be anyone?

Thanks for any help.
Strange Accord sound - Sprice
So it only happens if the engine is under load, and definately comes from the front? Hmm, doubt if its 'pinking' as this doesn't sound like a moan, more of a metallic tinkle. Wheel bearing or even gearbox related maybe?
Strange Accord sound - mike hannon
My old Accord makes a creaking noise until - it appears - the rear suspension bushes warm up when the car is being driven when the outside temperature is below 5 deg C.
Maybe you could describe the noise a bit more precisely when you've heard it again a few more times?
Strange Accord sound - ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond
Forget the hill bit.
Happend yesterday on the flat. Happend when I pulled away. Thought it was only when I was pulling away uphill but not so. If I remember rightly it happends when I'm pulling away and the steering is turned.
(Its a 1996 (P) 1.8 Accord - 84k)
Strange Accord sound - Red Baron
Power steering mechanism? Universal joint (drive shaft) requires lubricating?
Strange Accord sound...update - ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond
Been keep an ear out for this noise and I think its coming from both wheels.
When I turn one way or the other it make the sound but only when I move off.
The sound is like something is straining (a deep creaking noise).
Like I said, only from a standing start and I am going to move to the left or right.

It doesnt make the noise all the time.

Any thoughts what it could be?
Strange Accord sound...update - Saltrampen
Could be power steering belt straining, after the car has started and the battery is momentarily drained. This means more strain on Alternator and power steering belts (or less voltage for any electrical steering assistance system). If this is the case, try putting all the lights and electrical systems on and with the engine running and the car not moving, turn the wheel. If it is related to the power steering you may hear something. In which case, either the belt tension or steering pump may need inspection.
Strange Accord sound...update - Pete M
It could be dry CV joints. When starting off and turning a corner at the same time, there is lots of pressure on the joints. The moaning could be the low speed equivalent of a squeak. Once things are moving the pressure is less. When I first saw your post, I knew I had to ask: Does your Accord sound like an Accordion?

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