'Tappety' TDI - mss1tw
The Toledo is sounding a bit like a non-serviced Endura engine all of a sudden!

Oil is OK, bang on maximum. Weird thing is, with the windows open it sounds OK, but with them closed and nothing on you can really hear that typical valve train noise (I don't know if it is VT related, it's just the closest noise match)

I believe it has hydraulic valve lifters (Is that the right term?)

Had the timing belt done a while back but I remember from my Peugeot days that something TB related can also make a noise like this...

Any ideas?
'Tappety' TDI - Big John
My old Passat did this after a few years. Using Wynns engine flush every three oil changes sorted it.

Or it could be the Diesel timing, a friends SDi Ibiza made a tappety noise after a belt change, it was one tooth out!
'Tappety' TDI - mss1tw
Cool - thanks Big John!

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