Parking at Bournemouth Airport - Union Jack
Now that all you kind people have sorted out the best way for Martyminx to park in London, does anyone have any good advice regarding long term parking at, or in the vicinity of, Bournemouth Airport for a week at the end of this month please.

All serious suggestions would be very welcome, thank you.

Parking at Bournemouth Airport - ffidrac {P}
You could try:


Never flown from here so I can't comment on service etc.
Parking at Bournemouth Airport - Union Jack
Thank you very much indeed, Ffidrac, your input is very much appreciated. No advance booking necessary apparently at the "official car park" at £45 per week, and we will see if anyone with local knowledge has anything to offer on the "unofficial" front.


PS Just back from a wonderful two weeks in Nantucket and noted with interest at the ferry port of Hyannis that just about every garden near the ferry dock was given over to small-scale car parking!

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