New BMW engines - impressive! - cheddar
335d, twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre diesel is 282bhp, even more powerful than the 535d.

335i, 3.0-litre petrol engine also with a pair of turbochargers, 302bhp. Should be almost TD levels of torque.

325d, 6cyl 194bhp and combined fuel consumption of 44.1mpg!
New BMW engines - impressive! - Bill Payer
OK, I know it's useful for overtaking, but all that brute force does seem a little pointless in the UK these days.
New BMW engines - impressive! - TheOilBurner
It's a shame that we have been so brow-beaten into accepting fast=bad. You can *never* get to 60mph fast enough! ;)

More power is never wasted....

It's not just about overtaking, it's about too short slip roads, moving into faster lines of traffic, pulling out of junctions into fast moving roads, etc etc.

I reckon those new engines are brilliant. I would love to have any one of them in my car. :)
New BMW engines - impressive! - grafen
Also remember that as the sa\ying goes, too much power is just enough...
New BMW engines - impressive! - Carse
"With great power comes great responsibility"

New BMW engines - impressive! - Lud
Also remember that as the sa\ying goes, too much power is
just enough...

until you get used to it. Then you start wanting more.

It's really only ever too much it the chassis or driver can't cope with it, or it the powertrain is unrefined, like the customised 1932 Ford flathead roadster I saw once at Lords roundabout in St John's Wood, went BLATBLATBLAT! and was instantly in terminal understeer...

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