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Morning all,

Just wondering if anyone here can help me with a problem with child car seats. Little one is fast out growing her 0 car seat and so in preparation, we'd like to get her a new one that will last a few years. After settling on a good brand 123 seat (which should see her through to about the age of 10) I went to a local shop to try it in my car, and the girl who fitted it was unable to get the seat belt round fully.

When we were choosing the first car seat, we had so many problems with the same thing, and have ended up putting her in the front next to me (no airbag fitted so that's ok!) I was hopefull though that the bigger seats would require less seat belt, and so I would not suffer the same problem! How wrong I was!!!!

My question is - is it possible to get longer seatbelts fitted? I fail to see that a VW Polo Saloon has excessively short seatbelts, as I wold have thought that it was meant as a family car - but may be I'm just being wishful!

If it is possible to get seatbelts, is it something that someone can do at home or do they have to be fitted professionaly?

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Extensions are available.

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I looked at seatbelt extenders originally for the current car seat, but I was told by the makers and retailers of them that they were unsuitable for use with a car seat so I'm not too keen on going down that route this time again. I also had contact with a company that extended existing seat belts but at a cost of £65 I thought it was better to get a new seat belt (or so I'm hoping!)
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Some car seats have more than one method of securing them in order to accomodate shorter belts - check the instructions. If this seat hasn't then you have two options - choose a different seat that fits or change your car.
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front seat belt anchor points are often longer than rear ones so perhaps you could get a front one from a breakers yard to fit in place of the rear to extend it without compromising safety
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Think its going to have to be a breakers yard now - went to Halfords yesterday to see about getting new seatbelts, but they don't sell them, and the guy there said I should ask VW directly - which I did last time with no results! I like the thought of a new car........
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Could you not mabye try a few other styles of seats to try and get another to fit ? Alternatively on www.britax.co.uk they have a fit finder service that should help match up your car to a suitable Britax seat .

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Ask the manufacturer a different question - Which seat do they recommend for their (family) car?
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I'd go back to the shop and try out more seats. Try another shop and try fitting a number of seats. We had a Chicco Maxi Cosy and it was excellent and fitted in every car we've tried.

You should not need a longer seat belt for a forward facing seat.
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www.elkparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=1203 but rather expensive £90
compared tothe following on Ebay
tinyurl.com/h6kyn £18.50
**BRAND NEW 70cm SEATBELT / SEAT BELT EXTENTION** Item number: 230018296255
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Both of the car seats I know of (for my Grandson) have the seat belts going through a slot in the back of the child seat. I don't think the belt would reach all the way around the front. The rear seat lap/diagonal goes through the gap and then belts up as normal. For estate cars, there's an extra strap over the back of the seat to a fitting on the load space floor. This gives very firm location, but I hope never to test it for real.
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try halfords or AA/RAC

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