Rover 214 (L) - Hot Re-starting problem - clockerharvey
My mother owns a 1994(L) Rover 214 which has developed a frequent problem after re-starting with a warm engine. She tells me that after it has been parked when hot and it is re-started, the car will drive for a short distance - less than 1/2 mile before the engine splutters and stops. If she waits for a short while, 5-10 minutes, she is able to start it again and continue the journey with no more problems.

The symptoms appear very similar to those I once suffered in an old 1.8L Ford Sierra which was diagnosed by the AA as a vapour lock and I fixed it by replacing the mechanical camshaft-driven fuel pump. On the Rover 214, the petrol pump is however in the fuel tank and is electric powered.

Does this problem seem like vapour-lock and if so, is there a common issue with this Model or Engine?

Would a replacement pump be the solution or is the problem likely to be under the hood (Fuel Injection etc..)?

Thanks in advance

Rover 214 (L) - Hot Re-starting problem - Civic8
The fuel pumps on these dont normally cause any problems,I would first check the small pipe from inlet manifold to ecu-Its a vacuum pipe, these can either get clogged up or split, if either occurs, it prevents timing advance/retard working correctly and may cause the stalling.

If that is ok,then check HT side of ignition as that can cause problems ie coil dizzy cap rotor arm.another poss is the crank position sensor.A regular failure on these


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