Mondeo TD jerking - Craig_1969
I have a Mondeo TD 1998 with 205,000 miles. I was pulling my caravan back from Cornwall as its been stored there for ages and we aren't going down again this year. Going up a hill lost all power twice, it restarted ok though. Called the breakdown guys but they just sucked their teeth and were useless and recovery to Beds was going to take days literally. So I soldiered on and managed to get home with a couple of scares where I lost a bit of power now and then.

Unfortunately today I was on my way home and it kept loosing all power again, if I held the revs up it tended to be ok. Knowing the fuel filter was probably old I have just replaced that and its a little better. Occassionally the accelleration is brilliant for a second or so, sometimes sluggish and its still stalling. I have good fuel pressure to the pump. I suppose I could have a blocked injector or still some air somewhere.

I think the culprit is probably the fuel pump, and there are a couple on ebay for not much money. I am reluctant to let the old girl die, I have just done 5k of trouble free miles in 2 months and as its the estate there is loads of room in the boot and the engine feels very strong.

Any comments most appreciated.
Mondeo TD jerking - blondewivabrain
hi ya dave, i had the same problem on old taxi two years ago, after spending out on a fuel filter, having the injectors cleaned out, it turned out to be the fuel pump that was causing the stalling. also after having this done my fuel consumption improved, hope this helps , claire

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