Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - Surrey_Scientist
Does anyone know of a combined phone, PDA and SAT NAV unit ?

I am sure Orange had a PDA/Phone unit, don't know if it did SATNAV also not sure if you could buy something similar unlocked for any network.....

and someone tells me you can get SAT NAV on a SD card that would fit into a PDA unit....

could one buy a Phone/PDA combo and insert this SAT/NAC card to achieve the same aim.

I would like someting that could be used in the car, as a standard SAT NAV, with speed-camera warning too if Poss ! !

but also something that would be used with Ordnance Survey software, so when I go out on my bicycle in the country with the cycling club I could track my route onto the OS maps and then store/download my route for later use

- also useful I'm told if you are on some bridleway and there are a plethora of apths that aren't marked on the map - you can tell where you really are !!!

Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - Pezzer
I've got one of these - although I dont use it for SatNav.

I like it alot as it is quite compact and you dont feel like you are holding a dinner plate against your ear like some of the larger XDAs etc.

Cheers P

Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - v0n
Any windows based smartphone paired with bluetooth GPS receiver and software, such as tomtom can do navigation. There is Tomtom for Nokia symbian based smartphones as well. Perhaps the biggest limitation is speed, limited memory, relatively small screen to navigate with as well as often ackward data input using sms letter codes on keypad.
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Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - No FM2R
QTEK 9000

Does everything you want.
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - No FM2R
p.s. I do have one and I've used it for all those things. Its also compatible with the built-in bluetooth kit in the car. The only dodgy bit is the battery life which is nto great. It also handles push mail.
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - Surrey_Scientist
Thanks for those links

but can you get anything like this with the SAT NAV built into the PDA unit - so less to carry around (especially on the bicycle !)
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - No FM2R
I also had an iPAQ. It does all the functions you require, but I really didn't like the keypad. Also, it didn't have WiFi which was cleared out to make room for the GPS stuff.
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - Surrey_Scientist
iPAQ - This looks like the type of thing !

Any idea if it will run the Ordnace Survey memory map software ?

I am presuming they are unlocked for any mobile network ?

Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - No FM2R
Apparantly it will run the OS stuff, but I never did it.

Mine was indeed unlocked for any network.

The new ones now have WiFi as well which is a significant improvement.
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - No FM2R

and apparantly the OS Map is from an application called Memorymap. I know nothing about it, but apparantly its referred to on the TomTom site.

Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - Citroënian {P}
The link is for the new 6515, the 6915 - I currently use the 6515 (had a Qtek 9100 but preferred the inbuilt GPS so have gone back.)

Saw the hw6915 at the motorshow and they've improved the keyboard a lot, it runs Mobile 5, has more memory and WiFi . Seemed pretty good although can't comment on the battery life I was only playing with it for five minutes.

Might be the right device for you

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Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - Surrey_Scientist

Just been doing some research of my own...

There is also some device out called a Mio A701

Seems to do the same thing, like the HP iPAQs but no keyboard......

flashier styling also :-)
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - PhilDS
Try a Palmone Treo 650. It's available on Orange. It's a PDA with Bluetooth so you should be able to add Tom Tom 5 to it. It also has a full QWERTY keypad like a Blackberry plus a touch screen like a PDA. They also do a Treo 700 which is 3G compliant.
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - ablandy
i have the new ipaq, the 6910 (same as 6915, but no camera).
has everything you want, has wifi, bluetooth and gps receiver built in. and its a phone.

Havent used it for gps yet, havent loaded full version of tomtom on it - came with a cutdown version, only 1 city.

will need a mini SD card for it to do that i think.

Battery life is far less than a normal phone, but using gps you would need an in car charger/ mount anyway, so should be an issue.

Its great for texting as it has a proper keyboard. It is a bit bulky, but not as bad as i thought. Nice bit of kit.
its about the same size as my dell pda i use for sat nav at present.

get it on a new phone contract and its not too expensive. Cost me £175 on our business contract from vodafone.

Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - teabelly
T mobile have a pda thing which includes the satnav software. It's called the MDA pro or mda vario and has some software called co-pilot. It's on their phone page. A lot of the nokia phones with symbian OS can have sat nav software installed and usually have pda functions.
Combined phone/sat nav/PDA - No FM2R
An MDA Pro, XDA Exec, Jazjar and QTEK 9000 are all the same thing.

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