Highmileage better than low? - Michael Bolton
I am considering swapping my M reg Mondeo 1.8 TD estate 116,000 miles for my father's identical car but N reg and 76,000 miles. Most of my miles were done on the motorway in the first 2-3 years of its life. All my father's miles were done locally except for holidays in France towing a caravan. Is it necessarily a good swap. Both cars are on the original clutch.
Re: Highmileage better than low? - Bobby Mcsween
Personally I don't think you should swap these, your father's car will be more saleable so sell this one, however because it has been used for towing and shorter journeys, is likely to require a new clutch sooner. you might want to swap some of the parts though.
Re: Highmileage better than low? - Brian
A car used for short journeys will have suffered far more than one that has done longer journeys, provided the longer-journey one hasn't been thrashed.
On the short-trip one there will be more wear on the starter, brakes, clutch, gears, etc. And the exhaust will have corroded more from the inside.
The fact that one has been used for towing should not affect the equation much, provided it has been driven properly and not with the clutch slipped to avoid changing gear.
In addition I would look carefully at which car has the lesser amount of rust, a new clutch, for example, is cheaper than a new body!

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