Parking in London, Help Please!!! - martyminx
We are stopping in the Bayswater/Hyde Park area of London for 4 nights and have so far received quotes from BCP and various other carparks of between £90 to £150 !!!!
Does anyone know how much it costs to park overnight (for 4 nights) in any of the tube stations on the outskirts, preferably north west/west side of London?
Alternatively, do you know of any overnight car parks in the same area, close to a tube line?

Thanks alot x
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Civic8
Not going to find anywhere with cheap parking...Not as far as I know and I live on outskirts,I dont think from places in area you mentioned are going to be £90 is cheap
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Pugugly {P}
The last time I had to go into Central London and not wanting to take the car in, I drove to Watford. Parked at the Station car park and caught a train in. Brilliant and reasonable solution.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - AlastairW
Some may call me a heretic for suggesting this, but why not get the train to London and leave the car at home? After all the city is well served by public transport, particularly if you are not going to stray much from the West End/ tourist sights etc.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Dave N
Now you know why garage labour rates are £120/hour!

You can leave the car at some of the stations, but it may well be gone by the time you return. If you really want to park in london, find a good secure car park (like Selfriges) and pay the money.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - ukbeefy
Presume you are from oop north then if you say "stopping" so as the above poster said let the train take the strain. There might be parking in a place nearer the outskirts (you'd need local knowledge as alot of such free parking areas have disappeared) but I'd not be happy leaving a car in an unknown road near a tube station as I'd imagine they were classic places for car crime.

There are some car parks about that cost less than a £10 a day but they tend to be in odd but central locations and tend to be a bit of spare rough ground with a bloke in a hut type situation. There are some dotted about near the Southbank but don't know north or west london.

Parking in London, Help Please!!! - yorkie123
Leave it in Southfields for 4 days, get District Line tube from Southfields to Bayswater, about 15-20 mins. Let me know your thoughts.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Lud
Parking still only 45 or 50p an hour in parts of Kensington, with 10 hour pay and display that normally gives time tomorrow if you buy ticket after 6.30. Walking distance from Latimer Road tube, 3 or 4 stops from Paddington on Hammersmith and City line.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Enoughalready
Try here:

or look at Whitelys in Queensway.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - No FM2R
1) Take the train
2) Park out at Kew where its possible to do so for free on the street if you get there at a reasonable time.

Assuming I knew somehwere in London where one could park either for free or at least cheaply, that facility would be in limited supply. I don't think I'd be mentioning it in a public forum.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - stevied
Is "stopping in" a northern phrase? Hadn't considered it.

Are you going down London for "a bit of a do" then? By'eck it's busy down there. Etc.

Anyway, re cheap parking, there isn't any. I used to live in Centralish London (Bethnal Green/Shoreditch/Commercial Road) and even before the days of CC, it was a nightmare. If you knew the area, I'd suggest parking in an inner area that was outside the CC zone, but if you don't then get the train.

When I worked at ExCel a couple of weeks ago, it cost 15 quid a night to park at our hotel, and that was in Canary Wharf.....
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Westpig
Depends which part of the country you're traveling from, but if it's from the M1, come off at junction4, merge southbound onto the A41. Down to roundabout, turn right (Spur Road), straight through roundabout (London Road, Stanmore) tube is approx 400/500 yards on left.......... DON'T park in tube car park, cars get screwed all the time.

Drop your luggage/passengers off, back track 300/400 yds in London Road and turn into new estate on left. You can hide your car in there, big executive type houses, nowhere near any 'oik' housing.

Tube is Jubilee Line and goes down through to Bond Street or Green Park, either one of which is a short cab ride to Bayswater.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Craig_1969
Try the Westminster one is cheap at weekends.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - DP
You can park at Ickenham (Met Line) for £2 a day. It's pay and display, but you can pay for up to 5 days in one go. From there it's about 35 minutes (and £4) into Baker Street.

It's security patrolled by day, but unmanned at night. There is CCTV though, and besides which, Ickenham's quite a nice area.

Quite often when I get there in the morning there are cars with a layer of dew on that have obviously been there all night and have yet to see any damage or broken glass.

Parking in London, Help Please!!! - wotspur
Had the dubious pleasure of having to find parking last week around Soho, for 0-2hrs £10.
cheap parking in London, you're having a laugh.
What about leave the car in Oxford and take one of the numerous coaches into London, approx every 20
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Dynamic Dave
What about leave the car in Oxford....

But what if the OP doesn't live anywhere near Oxford?
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Botchit, Soddem & Leggit
Have you ever tried to park in Oxford.

In the past I have found a bit of roadside in Hampton Garden Suberb (stones throw from end of M1). Look out for The Bishops Ave or Road. Some rather big houses there and cars to match so thieves wil doubtless focus on those. Short walk to nearest tube station.

Alternatively many places in central London have free roadside parking Friday eve to Sunday. Parked by Tower bridge and Lambeth bridge over the weekend FOC in the past without a problem. Could use carparks when roadside restrictions apply then relocate Friday eve.
Parking in London, Help Please!!! - Westpig
do you mean Hampstead Garden Suburb...i suspect you do with the mention of Bishop's Avenue

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