Toad Ladyperson - Lud
Apparently the minister Ladyperson, one of our chief torturers, used to speed and at one time had nine points on his licence, it said in today's Terrorflag. He claimed that being pulled so often and getting wiggings from the beak changed his attitude to driving.

Of course hypocrisy is only one of hundreds of the mostly rather rank qualifications for those wanting to be ministers. Someone has to fill these posts it seems. Perhaps Mr Ladyman is all right in private. But he represents a government whose discourse on the private automobile is populist, opportunist and carelessly destructive.

Yesterday foxhounds; today drivers; tomorrow the ordinary decent left-wing namby-pambies who favour all this stuff but will by then be deemed evil for some specious reason or other.

I will be laughing in my grave.
Toad Ladyperson - bell boy
I will be laughing in my grave.

so long as they dont turn us into bio diesel i agree...........
used to make me laugh that the usa used to buy kyota points by buying forests but i suppose thats another story

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