406 coupes? Any good? - A2B
406 coupes? Any good? In terms of everyday driving differnces in 2.0 compared to 3.0?
406 coupes? Any good? - Xileno {P}
3.0 is obviously faster and thirstier but nothing can copy that lovely V6 growl you get.
Another problem with the 3.0 is that it's a big engine shoe horned into the engine bay, even making some routine jobs tricky e.g changing spark plugs etc.
406 coupes? Any good? - Stuartli
But gorgeos to behold - in fact the latest 607 looks very similar in appearance.

Not surprised that there are quite a few 607s about in contrast to the worthy 605, but which looked took much like its 405 stablemate.
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406 coupes? Any good? - DP
I drove a V6 which came to our company on short term loan from Peugeot's fleet department, and can agree with all Xileno's positive comments.

The V6 engine sounds lovely, but it's just the overall refinement and effortlessness of the car that impressed me. It rides beautifully, the steering has lots of feel and the performance is very good Oh, and it's a stunning car to look at.

The only downside is that the guy who ran it for a week reckoned he averaged 23 mpg!


406 coupes? Any good? - No FM2R
Dunno if they're any good, but they look great,
406 coupes? Any good? - Rumfitt
One of the most beautiful-looking mass market cars ever made, I think...

Later cars had a 'better' quality interior - still French plastics though. Also, the auto 'box robbed much of the power of the V6 and you might be disappointed with the performance. Good boot though, so pretty practical for two folk.

A future classic without doubt. I would try the different model variants so you can decide on the best compromise that suits.

Oh, and leave plenty of money aside for servicing as plenty of things do go wrong on them.
406 coupes? Any good? - mike hannon
Hope you don't mean the new model?
The previous one was one of the world's great car styling exercises - except the very last ones with that ugly wide-mouth frog air intake that has now disfigured all Peugeots.
The new one is a typical committee-designed camel - overweight, over-ornamented and downright ugly compared to the graceful lines of its predecessor. How could they do it?

406 coupes? Any good? - Stuartli
except the very last ones with that ugly wide-mouth frog air intake that has now disfigured all Peugeots.>>

Strangely enough I really love that new Peugeot front end on the 407 - the estate looks good too...:-)

But I can understand some people being taken aback when first seeing one.
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406 coupes? Any good? - Shaz {p}
Best looking coupe for a while, altough the dashboard was a bit of a let down, leather seats are nice. Go for the 3.0v6 or lesser extent the 2.2 hdi - (can be chipped well) - the 2.0 petrol a bit weedy, 2,2 better in later cars - but I think the 3.0 is the best buy. The diesels have kept their value so makes the 3.0 the better buys.
Handling is good - reliability - pretty good, may have some elctrical niggles - but issues normally sorted by now.

406 coupes? Any good? - LeePower
The 2.2 HDI is best avoided, Its not a very good engine.

The 2 litre petrol is gutless, The later 2.2 petrol is better, If you find a 2.2 petrol & its the HPI engine ( I doubt you will find one, rare as hens teeth ) walk away & dont touch it!

The later ES9J4 V6 3.0 litre 24 valve V6 engine has VVT & a little bit more BHP then the earlier non VVT ES9J4 lump, Also the V6 VVT lump cambelt is easier to change then the earlier one.

Spark plugs on the rear bank of cylinders are a swine to change though whichever V6 lump you go for.
406 coupes? Any good? - bell boy
as said a very god looking car but very uninspiring when viewed from under a ramp...........
406 coupes? Any good? - bell boy
406 coupes? Any good? - madf
I think they look gorgeous.
But very low and Peugeot electrics.


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