MOT Charges - Geordie1
Around my area the cost of an MOT test ranges from £23.50 to almost £50. Should there not be a standard charge for a government imposed neccesity similar to the cost of Road Tax etc or is there an ulterior motive for the 'cheapie' as I have had more failures than passes when I formerly used that end of the market?
MOT Charges - LeePower
There is a MAX charge that a MOT testing station can charge up to set by VOSA

But a MOT garage can also charge as little as they like if they want to get you in to use them.
MOT Charges - rip
go to your local council station, they will /should be 100% independent therefore no requirement to make up work, and they charge somewhere in between the min and max prices. My local one is £40 plus a free 7 day retest.
MOT Charges - tr7v8
Why enforce a standard charge, mine is £32 (was there on Friday) & has always been fair. I don't want a standard price thanks!
MOT Charges - Stuartli
I think the reason some people are concerned is because they believe that MOT centres promoting half-price MOTs or similar may have a dubious reason for doing so.

In fact I've normally taken advantage of National's half price MOTs even though it means a 30-mile round trip because, so far, that's the only price I've had to pay after the test was undertaken.

Last year, however, I switched to a known local reliable and honest garage (standard charge of £44 plus a few pence) as National temporarily didn't have an MOT tester at the outlet and were sub-contracting the MOT tests; as I didn't know the outlet concerned I refused to allow National to undergo the test on such a basis.

The local garage's MOT test charge was £44 and a few pence...:-)
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