passat front suspension/drive noise - willyb
help please, got a worsening noise from the front of my 2000 W plate 2.8 4 Motion. First noticed it under braking but checked it over as best I can and can see nothing obviously amiss there or with any of the rubber bushes. Noise is now there under drive and I think worse when cornering left. Does this look like a cv joint, are there any common passat suspension/drive issues to look out for?


passat front suspension/drive noise - PeterRed
Yes, there are lots of problems with Passat front suspension. Take a look at HJ's 'Car-by-Car Breakdown' and then search the forums.
passat front suspension/drive noise - Hamsafar
It's the front suspension from hell, but you can buy a whole set of arms and links for about £200-£250 and be done worrying. e.g.

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