car ins. and £50 cashback - Dry bearings
Not an advert,just personal experience on Friday last.I searched the web for car ins. on Google.The best by far was the Post Office.For a 20002 Focus 1.6 Zetec fully comp.Rac recovery up to and inc.onward travel,protected 'no claims',Motor legal protection.£150 excess.Total £263.74.Plus within 28 days you receive a Postal Order for £50.I have no connection with the POI think this takes some beating.
car ins. and £50 cashback - blue_haddock
I've insured my 106 runaround with them - not quite the cheapest premium but the £50 cashback made them the most competitive overall.
car ins. and £50 cashback - carl_a
Did my insurance via the post office, but check your documents when they arrive, my policy excess was £0 on the internet and it changed to £250 on the paper work they sent.
If you go through quidco you will also receive another £16.50
car ins. and £50 cashback - Dry bearings
Thanks for the tip.Yes.I checked all the details on my policy,just in case,everything was covered as I wanted it.No typo's!
car ins. and £50 cashback - blue_haddock
I was also impressed by the speed of the service - docs through promptly and about 2 weeks later the cashback arrived with no phoning or chasing required at all.
car ins. and £50 cashback - jacks
Yes, I did my BMW through the P.O. £270 with the £50 cashback taking it down to £220, policy issued by Fortis.
When phoning around other insurers/brokers to get competitive quotes I mentioned the P.O. quote and was told candidly by one insurer that they couldn't beat the P.O. offer and a lot of customers were switching to them.

I suppose it's only a good deal if the service level is as good as the price in the event of a claim.

However we've had a few claims in our family over the last 4 years
( 2= non fault, 1 my fault)
and to be honest I've been disappointed with the service (different insures for each claim as I usually shop around at each renewal on both cars) from all the insures I've used so now I go with the cheapest regardless - and expect to have grief if claiming!
car ins. and £50 cashback - Dry bearings
Yes,I go along with what you say.I was surprised at the RAC, cover that standard is about £117. buying direct.

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