MOT test coming up? - martint123
I see there is a 14% rise in maximum recommended price from early October. So if you test is due after this date, it may be economical to take it a few weeks early.
MOT test coming up? - LeePower
You can just use the 28 days before the MOT due date rule.

MOT test coming up? - martint123
Indeed, but it might even be worth bringing it forward even more to make a saving.
Likewise passports last year (and this) where it paid to get a renewal even with nearly a year left to go.

MOT test coming up? - Civic8
I dont think the saving is going to make it worth while IMO.Not as you suggest,unless I have the new price wrong?
MOT test coming up? - Pugugly {P}
14 % in line with inflation then.
MOT test coming up? - Waino
14 % in line with inflation then.

RPI - no; CPI - no; inflation - yes (i.e. gas, electricity, petrol, council tax etc)


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