2001 yaris 1.3 - whine from rear - stevenage
can hear a definite whine from rear....suspect rear wheel bearings.....can bearings be replaced or do you have
to replace complete hub assys................abs by the way
2001 yaris 1.3 - Carrow
Complete hubs, by the looks of it on Blueprint's on line catalogue. Try part number ADT38332 at your local factors.
Hope this helps.
2001 yaris 1.3 - stevenage
thanks carrow will check this out tomorrow
2001 yaris 1.3 - stevenage
now i find that it's going to cost £170 per side to buy. anyone got any suggestions to reduce cost. i can fit myself.
2001 yaris 1.3 - Red Baron
Are you sure that it is a whine. A damaged bearing would make a rrrrrrrrrrrrr sort of sound where the pitch increases with speed until at a higher speeds the rrrrr begins, I suppose, to sound like a whine.

You say 'per side' . Sounds like you think that both have gone. Very unusual.
2001 yaris 1.3 - stevenage
no, i'm not 100% sure because i was only able to do a quick road test before my daughter headed home, 120 miles away.
will be able to do a more thorough investigation next time she comes home.
also found a breaker who will supply and deliver for £90 a side.

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