Scorpio 24v water pump - Honestjohn
This came from Ove Jönsson in Sweden. I have posted it on his behalf in the hope s Backrommer might have the answer.

Hi I am a fan of driving Scorpio, so I bought a 24V -95. But the
waterpump was cracked (bad news was the pump costs). So I wonder if
you please can help me with some info.

Is it possible to get a detailed list of the waterpump, or do you know if there should be any packing or a distance on the shaft between the laurel and the paddle wheel?

Hope you understand my swenglish message!

My Best Regards

Ove Jönsson (yet) "COSSIELOVER"
Scorpio 24v water pump - bell boy

he is better going to this site and asking ......

only "google" has the answer...........

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