Volvo steering wheel leather fault - SjB {P}
Earlier today, and in the knowledge that this is a widespread issue, I went to my local Volvo dealer today to show that the leather on my 2003 V70's steering wheel is "delaminating" (for want of a better description) in one area in to pieces that look like burnt bin liner plastic, and to ask for their support in a goodwill payment from VCUK.

Was very pleased to receive the straight off reply "Known problem. Standard 50% goodwill contribution From VCUK for all Volvos less than four years old". Politely and professionally handled as was the offer of when to do the work, and nice to see after the (admittedly much more costly to Volvo) ETM debacle that's had much airing in the press.

Something for the CBCB, HJ?

For the record, the cost to me will be £130, this including the labour for this 45 minute book time "whilst I wait" job that involves swapping over the existing switchgear and airbag.

Volvo steering wheel leather fault - Marc
For a 4 year old car that sounds a reasonable, if expensive, offer. However if the car is less than three years old I would expect them to pay 100% of the cost.

When did you notice that the leather was starting to peel or whatever?
Volvo steering wheel leather fault - Citroënian {P}
Similar thing on our MINI, it was replaced under warranty. ( Lee -- You know, it\'s not like changing toothpaste
Volvo steering wheel leather fault - Altea Ego
It could be argued that the leather on a steering wheel was a "wear and tear" item.
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Volvo steering wheel leather fault - Marc
"It could be argued that the leather on a steering wheel was a "wear and tear" item."
Agreed - but OP says it's a common fault therefore I reckon it should be Volvo's problem and owners of cars still under warranty shouldn't have to shell out to rectify the problem
Volvo steering wheel leather fault - mike hannon
Absolutely. I once bought an eight-year-old Alfa with perfect leather on the steering wheel, and also a 10-year-old other make with a perfect leather rim that was still excellent after another 5 years and 70,000 miles!
Doesn't anybody use decent materials any more?
Volvo steering wheel leather fault - bell boy
think volvo should sack the cows they are using if i was them and use an udder supplier.
Volvo steering wheel leather fault - SjB {P}
The problem is a poor choice of leather treatment that reacts to some hand creams and some people's sweat, for want of a better description. My Bro's V70 (recently sold) of similar age (a few months older than mine) did not have the fault and neither has Dad's 1998 S80 owned from new. It is, however, quite a common problem hence Volvo's entirely reasonable and sensible standpoint. Especially given that I imported my car - so had the standard European two year warranty but no UK dealer warranty for the third year (how these things normally work) I have no complaint. I saved enough dosh to buy another car, new, so if this is the "cost", fine. Even if my car was UK supplied, I still think it reasonable on a car over three years old.

To answer a question in the thread; my steering wheel started to react after a couple of years, but because it didn't get any worse and the affected area was tiny and hardly noticeable, I left it alone. In the recent extreme heat - so now after three years of car age - the problem worsened very (very) rapidly and the area of leather held by my right hand is now puckered and wrinkled in the manner described.


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