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fiat punto engine management light - chriss
Hi all,
Has anyone had the problem of the engine management light staying on ?
Over the week end I washed under the bonet of the car, started playing up this morning, slight mis-fire.
Tonight I took out the HT lead and spark plug and dried and cleaned the plug, engine is now running fine but the light is still on. Is there a way I can turn off with out taking to a garage ?
fiat punto engine management light - Railroad.
You don't say what year the car is, but you could try disconnecting the battery and joining the leads together for 10 minutes. This should discharge all the ECUs, but remember you'll also have to re-enter the security code on your radio and re-programme all the stations when you reconnect.....
fiat punto engine management light - Bigtone
If you have cleared the fault the light should go out after so-many start up cycles (sorry cant remember how many) although the fault will still be stored in the ECU memory
fiat punto engine management light - chriss
Hi there,
the year is a 51 plate, The problem was still there again today, so it might not have been the engine was !! check all HT leads and spark plugs, it appears to be pot 3 that is the problem. i swapped around the HT leads to see if it was the problem, they were all ok. I then swapped around the plugs from pot 2 to 3 and again no problems. any ideas please. one other thing there was a strange buzzing noise coming from a component just to the right of the inlet manifold ( not sure what its called). cheers chris
fiat punto engine management light - LeePower
Misfires are normal on the Punto, It will be a coil pack on the way out, Dont worry its a very well known problem.

Get it looked at & confirmed by a garage with the correct code reading / tetsing kit quickly, A new coil pack is pretty cheap to replace, Leave it too long & the misfire from the coil pack will fry your engine ECU & they aint cheap!

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