Audi 89. UK spec headlights required - Audi 89
OK I have an Audi 89 German spec convertible, its a 98 model and my problem is I dont know the UK equivalent I need Uk lights for it to get through my MOT.
Can anyone tell me what the UK spec is or any ideas where i can get some lights

cheers in advance
Help with my Audi (no need to shout!) - Armitage Shanks {p}
The UK spec of what? The car or your lights? I bought many RHD cars, in Germany, which were delivered with Continental lights. I got the UK equivalents from German-Swedish car parts; when I last did it I got a pair of brand new Hella lights for an old E class for £110. I suggest you get in touch with them and quote your car make/model and VIN number and they should be able to help.
Help with my Audi (no need to shout!) - Audi 89
Sorry for shouting {subject header amended - DD} .Was looking for the spec of my car, Everytime I tell someone its an Audi 89 they look at me like I have two heads!
Thanks for the advice about the lights. Is the company called German-Swedish car parts??? Will let you all know how I get on
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it's actually german,swedish and french - paste this address into your browser

Go on, get out of the car...
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Much the same but usually slightly cheaper and larger, nicer premises:

I would have thought that Audi 89 would be an internal designation, although usually Audi go on platform numbers (I think this would be a B4 but stand to be corrected).

Unfortunately because yours is quite an unusual car, there isn't much supply of pattern parts.
Help with my Audi (no need to shout!) - Audi 89
Got them off the internet this morning 50 quid in total ,its a B3 model thanks anyway for any help get them in two days
Help with my Audi - Armitage Shanks {p}
Good! A result for you!
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Probably a bit too late for you!

It is permissible for MoT purposes to blank the beams with plastic tape (or Beam Deflectors). You may have to quote chapter and verse to the MoT Test tho!


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