The new Punto - stunorthants
Is it me or does that car finally look like a quality bit of kit?
Im a long term hater of Fiats on principle as every one ive ever come across felt incredibly flimsy and fragile to say the least.
On looks alone id consider the new car - sure makes that dumpy new 207 look like a dog! The interior even looks great on the car I nosed around in a car park the other day.

Anyone bought one here?
The new Punto - Armitage Shanks {p}
Nosing around dogs Stu! Anything else you want to share with us? Joking apart the new Punto is well thought of and for good reason!
The new Punto - stunorthants
So now all Fiat need is Lexus to train their dealers and they might start making some money yes?
The new Punto - paulb {P}
In answer to the OP's question, my father has a 5-door 1.9 Multijet Eleganza, which cost him about £10,500 after discount (I think they list at just over £12k).

They are indeed very nicely put together and the quality of the trim materials is high, with none of the cost-cutting evident in the later examples of the previous model. The spec has more than enough toys (including dual-zone climate control) and the 120 bhp diesel engine and 6-speed gearbox gives the sort of effortless high-speed cruising that you would expect it to in a car that size. Only criticism that could be made is the usual one about rather firm low-speed ride, but Fiat are hardly unique in that respect.

Only example of boneheaded Fiat quality control that I have been able to find is that they don't appear to fit a locking fuel cap as standard. Given that the fuel filler door is opened from the outside and has no lock, this is not ideal for security purposes; my father ordered a locking cap only to find that a) they couldn't get one with a lock barrel matching the ignition key (so he now has two keys of different colours) and b) they only seem to be able to supply after-market caps with "Unleaded Fuel Only" printed on them, which is apt to cause confusion when the car is diesel. This sort of silly thing is where Fiat let themselves down.

All in all, though, it is a quantum leap forward from other Fiats of recent years (Panda excluded) and the very healthy sales figures are well-deserved.

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