clio speedo cable - trickynicky
Does anyone know where I can get a speedo cable for a 1997/R 1.2 Clio please. GSF don't do one and Renault dealer is pricey. Maybe it's the same as a Renault 5?
clio speedo cable - cheddar
Renault parts normally very reasonable, i.e. Clio original oil filter cheaper than Halfords.
clio speedo cable - bell boy
over £20 pricy
under £20 sounds right to me....
local motor factor......
any A1 store (now part of maccess i see, or did i miss something 3 years ago in the big change ?)

you will probably have to order it.....
have you checked it is the cable and not the gearbox or speedo head?
no local scrappies near you where you can inflict £500 damage removing one from a scrapper while systematically trashing the doner car?
clio speedo cable - trickynicky
How does £48.19 sound! Itold them I didn't need a new gearbox as well.
It is definitely the cable though. I like the idea of getting revenge on a scrappie though.

Thanks for the reply
clio speedo cable - Galaxy
Could you possibly find a company which just specialises in speedo cables and nothing else, i.e. they just make these as pattern parts?
clio speedo cable - Galaxy
Would this one be any use?
clio speedo cable - trickynicky
Thanks, I'll give them a try

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