2001 VW Golf IV Climatronic - flippin froggy
After a recent long journey on a very hot day, throughout which the climate control worked fine. The car had been sitting for about half an hour at the most after this journey when I had to go out in it again. After a couple of minutes I noticed that the fans were blowing uncooled air! ( yes the climate controls was switched on with the correct settings!)
I popped out a couple of times more in the car that day and the the climate control failed to blow cooled air at all during that time. I naturally assumed that the system had packed up!
Next morning went out in the car and lo and behold climate control had started to blow cooled air again!
Was this just a gliche in the system that had reset itself after cooling down overnight or is it a sign of something more serious? Seems to have worked OK since incident!

Any ideas appreciated Thanks
2001 VW Golf IV Climatronic - Aretas
I had a Laguna whos aircon wouldn't come on when the car was very hot. I just lived with it by making sure it was on first thing in the (cool) morning and tried to park in the shade. However, didn't have to live with it through a summer like this year.
2001 VW Golf IV Climatronic - elekie&a/c doctor
A lot of the models in the VAG group have a high ambient temp cut-out sensor that will cause the a/c system to temporarily shut down.

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