05 fiesta abs light - cliff
hi, the abs light comes on occasionally, not under any specific conditions, just when it feels like it, it may stay on for a couple of mins or an hour.
the local dealer put it on his diagnostic equipment and it's booked in.
he said he could be just a dirty sensor, dust etc.
i need the car not to show any lights for a drive tomorrow (i'm a driving instructor) is there anything i can do in the short term, either mechanically or is it possible to get behind the dash and pull the bulb?
the pads and disks were changed about 6 weeks ago but the problem has only just started.
any advice today would be greatly appreciated.
05 fiesta abs light - cliff
right, searching the net reveals a temporary work-round on vauxhalls, it involves wiring the abs bulb in the engine management bulb, sounds simple enough.
i've worked out how the dash comes apart, has anyone else done this?
05 fiesta abs light - Screwloose

So you're quite Ok with knowingly taking out a learner in a car that has defective brakes and may thus have no functional anti-skid facilities at all?

That tells me all I need to know about you, pal.
05 fiesta abs light - cliff
ok, fair point, but i was told by more than one ford mechanic that the braking won't be affected in the slightest, i'm not stupid.

if you can't come up with something constructive then say nothing.
05 fiesta abs light - Adam {P}
>>So you're quite Ok with knowingly taking out a learner in a car that has defective brakes and may thus have no functional anti-skid facilities at all?<<

What did people do before 2003 then? Surely the car will be just like my (supposedly) top spec but "old" (1999) Focus without ABS?

Or does the ABS light indicate some other braking problem? If so, then yes I agree.
05 fiesta abs light - Screwloose
Taken from a previous answer.....

An ABS braking system is not a standard system with some additional ABS grafted-on. It is designed and specified from the ground up as an ABS-dependant separate entity.

One of the most important differences will be greatly uprated components; far larger in capacity than would be wise without ABS. There will normally be no rear load-limiting valves or G-valves that would be universally fitted to a non-ABS vehicle to prevent rear lock-up under heavy braking. Without functional ABS your braking system would be an accident looking for a place to happen. One slippery junction and those over-sized brakes can bite without warning.

Should the worst happen; the police accident investigator will routinely download the memories from the ABS computer and you will be charged with knowingly permitting the driving of a vehicle with defective brakes. If someone has died, that will almost certainly mean doing time for manslaughter.

Hope that answers your questions.
05 fiesta abs light - cliff
ok, that's constructive, thanx
05 fiesta abs light - LeePower
If theres a fault with the ABS then live with it till Ford fix it under warranty.

I think its wrong learner drivers are in cars with ABS, We never had ABS when I was learning to drive, I had to do an emergency stop without locking the wheels by myself, No fancy ABS to help me.

05 fiesta abs light - jc2
05 fiesta abs light - bell boy
buy a micra or a mini next time if ford cant fix it straight away and the dealer is aware its a dual control learner car and therefore your living maker.......
oh and what ever you do do NOT mess with the bulbs or ford will send you off with a huff and a puff

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