Renault Scenic Air Con Problem - Tonyman
My five year old Scenic has just started leaking water into the front passenger well after a hot journey with the air con working at maximum capacity. The air con still seems to work very efficiently.If this is condensation dripping off the condenser unit, how is it getting into the passenger well? Is there a drain tube which can get blocked or come loose?
Renault Scenic Air Con Problem - Dave N
There is a drain tube, but not sure where it is. Have a good look around the bulkhead area, although it may be a bit tricky to see anything.

Is there still water dripping from under the car? If not, it's blocked. If theres a little dribble, then track it back to find the drain.
Renault Scenic Air Con Problem - Altea Ego
what dave is saying is that after heavy use of the aircon system there SHOULD be water dripping out into the road somewhere under the rear of the engine. If it isnt then the tube is blocked.
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